PSP Imports I Want To Try

I recently bought a PSP and this is silly to note considering NGP will be out in a few months but I am mentioning it since there is one game worth waiting for that is coming out this summer. Truthfully, I am not a Sony fan nor am I Final Fantasy fan. But I happened to be ‘working’ at EB Games for a couple weeks and they played the Dissidia 012 commercial OVER AND OVER which eventually convinced me that yes, I did need a PSP. So I bought a PSP just for Dissidia 012 and when I am finished that perhaps I will play the first. I was a little disappointed with the games for it until I realized there were quite a few games not released in English that would great to play.

And so, on that note of I’ll-Do-What-I-Want-Because-I-Can, let us look at those games!

    1. Black Rock Shooter: The Game
    I remember when this was announced awhile back I didn’t pay attention to it mainly because I could not play it. I was surprised to learn it was still not out though once I did some research into. I have a pre-order for it so hopefully I have the funds for it when it shows up! I am iffy about this though. I must say paying $100 for a game I can’t read will be generally frowned upon in my household (unless I become fluent and awesome in Japanese by the time it is released and shipped to me) but the White Rock Shooter figma is a nice bonus. Seriously though? It looks confusing as all hell. Not confusing per say… but rather just… it looks like it’s going to be a pain. On top of the White Rock Shooter figma you also get the soundtrack for the game and an artbook? I think you get an artbook. Don’t quote me on that. All that loot AND the game for $100… well. That does seem like a deal. That is the Limited Edition White Box I am talking about. You can go to Jlist and they charge $100 for the Regular Edition without the book, soundtrack and figma. That still shocks me!Another thing that troubles me is gameplay. After playing Dissidia so far (I’m not very far okay) I can say I would LOVE if the gameplay was like that. Running around smashing up Huke’s characters through fights going so fast and with so many specials going on you don’t even know what is happening? That would be wicked. And he has tons of characters doesn’t he? He could do a short story mode even. Play as BRS, beat that? Play the story as Dead Master and see her side of the story or something. I keep getting the impression it will be a FPS and that is just terrible idea for this series. Giving us generic run-of-the-mill soldiers that you can find in any shooter in a game based on huke’s artwork? Have some creativity will you!

    Does anyone involved with this series even remember the song that started this whole franchise? Why are we treated to bad rock music at any given chance? I mean it was bad enough that Ryo’s song was only a motif in the OVA but the trailer song used in the game PV is downright cringe worthy. Though I guess I shouldn’t scold them for not remembering the original music. We have a bigger issue on our hands: what the hell is the story of BRS? I mean WHAT is canon? Is the game the actual story and if so how does it fit in the OVA? Or is the OVA the canon? The other characters like Black ★ Matagi, Black ★ Devil Girl or even from where Dead Master originated is a mystery to me. The artbooks or simply from drawings on Huke’s blog? Will they show up in the game? I think I like the OVA where the world BRS and co are in is separate from our human world. This one seems to mix them and ugh I don’t even known. I doubt I will know either since I can’t understand the game. But I will still play it and hope the gameplay isn’t terrible.

    2. Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s Portable: The Battle of Aces
    Nanoha, Nanoha, Nanoha. Our relationship is a rocky one. I remember when I first got into anime the first season was airing and I had watched her transformation scene but had distanced myself from the series because at the time I had thought it too lewd. Haha, how times have changed.  I have long grown sick of Nanoha bombarding each Megami magazine issue I plan to buy and eventually don’t because I have enough damned Nanoha posters on my wall. The game however… well that is different.

    I would assume it was like MBA, yes? Well I was never a fan of MBA though my friends on DS used to try and get me to play it. To me it was a game that would be best played with a controller. That is why I assume I would like Battle of Aces far better. I would have passed for sure but after playing Dissidia I wonder how good it truly can be. Obviously I have only played one game on the PSP and I want all of them to be like that but that is WRONG. Okay, got that out of my system. I’m still on the fence with this one though.

    3. Project Diva 2nd
    Someone told me something along the lines that the Diva games were the only real thing they played on their PSP. I’m not that big on rhythm games and I certainly don’t want to spend a ton on something I’m not huge on (I’m cheap okay) but they did look quite fun. What stopped me from ordering was the tracklist. I had expected it to be a little bigger but I guess it is a pretty normal size for games like that. I admit if there had been ANY Deco*27 song I would have bought without hesitation and regretted it later. Too late for that I suppose!

    4. K-On! Houkago Live!!
    Haha, just kidding. I don’t even like K-ON! I say that despite the fact I have a ton of posters from that show on my wall and a Mugi figure.

    5. Tales of The World: Radiant Mythology 3
    RM3 would be the only RM I would like to try due to the abundance of TOV characters. However I would never play without it being translated and it will never be released in NA so the chances of me ever playing this are right out the window, unfortunately.


  • Nopy

    April 1, 2011

    I want the PSP so I can play Project Diva, but like you, I don’t want to spend that much money for a rhythm game.

  • Fang-tan

    April 1, 2011

    Exactly. But I figure it’ll be way more expensive when the NGP comes out so we may have to give in while we still have time.

  • Shadowrep

    April 26, 2011

    The K-ON PSP game surprised me a lot! To how fun it was. Played it quite regularly when I first got it and still play it time from time. Just sucks how there is no S2 songs. Hoping for a PS3 version.

    Project Diva is PD when it comes to it just fun.

    Nanoha A’s… It’s a 50/50 it’s got a good battle system and balancing going on. But it’s alright-ish.

    TOW: RM3 standard tales game and I like them a lot just really good.

  • Kaworu Nagisa

    December 12, 2014

    Well have to say this you are an ass.
    Seryouly you call yourself an otaku but dont want to pay a little money for a kamige (but i can bet my soul you pay the 49.99 for call of duty games each year even if the game engine and gameplay hasnt changed in the last 15 years)
    Seriously i laugh at people who call themelves otaus and say if this isnt dubbed i wont buy it or if it isnt translated i wont buy it or play it
    Rules to be a real otaku
    .- First the homos are object of fun nothing else.
    .- Second it doesnt matter the price of the game,manga or anything you want to buy.
    .- Third you need to have at least 30 doujinshi or manga hentai.
    .- Fourth you need to have at least 5 eroges minimum 1 of the imouto type.
    .- Fifth if you like yaoi stuff you arent considered an otaku (yuri is acceptable).
    .- Sixth the language of the manga doesnt matter an otaku have to learn nihongo by obligation.
    .- Seventh never say iagghh ecchi anime,because there will be a shitstorm on you.
    The abest anime genre will always be
    1.- lolicon
    2.- moe
    3.- ecchi
    4.- comedy
    5.- parody
    6.- scify
    7.- hentai
    8.- fantasy
    9.- yuri
    10.- slice of life
    if you are an otaku this are the rules

  • Fang-tan

    December 13, 2014

    lmao ok

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