5 Adpations I’d Like To See, Part 3

Two of my choices from previous lists have actually been turned into shows so maybe that will continue and follow through with this list? Here’s hoping!

5. MyGrimoire
This one is impossible, I’m sure. Well, maybe not since some doujin series have gone on to more mainstream stuff lately. MyGrimoire is a series (of sorts) by Kyousaku/京作. It is about, to generalize, the 72 demons of hell and based (loosely?) around part of Paradise Lost. It’s a lot more complex but since I no longer have a grasp of the story, that is the best I can do for you. As you can imagine, the series is full of debauchery. For instance, one of the main characters (Satan) has a daughter (Sin) and goes onto have a son (Death, who is pretty much insane) with said daughter. But really they are a cute couple and it isn’t creepy at all . Okay even I felt stupid for saying that. Mostly I wish for this series to gain popularity so that the comics and the like could be translated and I could know once and for all who is male and who is female (it’s. a. trap). Most of all, language barrier aside, my real interest in this series is Leviathan! My love for Leviathan is pure just like Satan’s for her. She is the supreme cuteness and I do not say this because she is aquatic based and I have a major bias and hggghh for that. Okay maybe I would take a serialized manga for this. That would be acceptable.

4. Black Rock Shooter
I know BRS already had an OVA but I mean a full series. One cours at least. This is a general opinion. I think most can agree on this. HOWEVER I would like to go on to say that I would like it to be based off the OVA. I, for one, enjoyed Mato and Yomi’s characters. I mean it helped that Dead Master was voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro (ok DM didn’t talk big whoop). I thought at first it could get boring with BRS doing BRS stuff but when you think of how many characters there really are, it could make for a decent 12 episode show. Lighthearted human world antics mixed with stylish battles for no apparent reason and a little yuri subtext never hurt anyone, amirite?

3.What a beautiful…” series
Before I listed Sharnoth but I’m expanding to the whole series. I’ve only played Inganock and that was perfectly formulaic, if not incredibly frustrating in it’s repetitiveness, for a short series. While I would not be thrilled at an Inganock series (it wasn’t very good) I would love to see the characters animated. Petrovna especially. (aquatic water fetish no fang no) Okay well the character designs were really nice but this game pissed me off a lot! Well it wouldn’t be the first time I watched something to get mad about it (I’m looking at you two, AnoHana and Fractale). There are tons of others in the What a beautiful series as well though I do not know where the continuity starts. Though Shiei no Sona-Nyl is my choice because the main couple is very cute. That was a bad reason. Okay maybe we need more steampunk shows. That is a better reason.

2. Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
Once I realized the joy of reading manga on my iPad, this was one of the first things I started reading. And within a week, I had read all the english chapters available. I’m terribly shocked that there isn’t an anime for this. Though I really see it as only being a matter of time. Hmmm but usually don’t anime adaptions come first and then drama adaptions? I don’t normally watch drama’s but if I did, I would watch this one. The first few chapters did little to hook me but once the student council was formed then things got really good. The manga is already finished so can’t see any reason for this not to be an anime! We just need to wait.

1. Usotsuki Lily
Usotsuki Lily has quickly become my favourite shoujo manga. For various reasons like the backstories given to the side character couples (I really love the twins okay), the artstyle not being usual boring shoujo stuff and that every problem and any problem can be solved by crossdressing. Also, the main characters get together in, like, the first chapter. No dancing around the issue and blushing for seven volumes. First chapter. And also? The main guy, En, in this comic hates men, including the reflection of himself. Thus forcing him to crossdress. It is a shoujo about a trap and his girlfriend and I love it. It looks like yuri all the time (something noted by the characters in story and a joke on that as well). The trapdoor doesn’t shut with him though. Usually the main female, Hinata, is forced to crossdress. Usually resulting in a guy crossdressing as a girl going out with a girl crossdressing as a guy. His brother ends up crossdressing, a girl who likes En ends up crossdressing (hngghh) and all of Hinata’s female friends crossdress as men to make her boyfriend dressing (I almost died it was so good). tl;dr TRAPS. There are four volumes out currently though so that might be enough for a series. My main complaint, would be, that there is not very much going on plotwise. So far drama is lacking so it’s more of a romcom than a shoujo. But it makes up for it by being totally cute. Please make this happen, J.C Staff.


  • cpubasic13

    June 8, 2011

    All I know from MyGrimoire is from pictures and that is all it took for me to want to see more of it. Stupid sexy Leviathan.

    I don’t even want to know what is going on in your number one choice. I would fall right into the trap if I took a look.

  • Beato

    June 29, 2011

    If Inganock got an anime I would die from happiness. But honestly I don’t really think any of the WAB’s work in another medium. That would reduce them to unorginal fantasy. The things that makes the WAB’s so amazing is Sakurai’s awesome writing. Without it they’re nothing.

    There is a lot of visual novels which should have anime adaptions, my personal top 3 is:

    1. G-Senjou no Maou
    2. Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo
    3. Aiyoku no Eustia

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