Summer 2011 First Impressions

Sure is anime blogger around here lately. I always try doing these but I always get bored and stuff and they just get scraped. But I will write a little blurb after each show I check out. I wanted to write something about the end of Gosick which was amazing but I am still trying to sort it out in my head. I probably won’t write anything for it so I’ll just say my general feelings now. The series was mediocre at first but the second half (around where Unity came in) was great and the last few episodes were downright amazing. I’m usually afraid to say something is that good because I am convinced my opinion is of lesser value because I have shit taste but I have no other words to describe episode 22-24. The last episode had some pacing problems and they skipped a major timeskip and I am confused to whether the ending was fake or not but I enjoyed it and was satisfied with the ending.

Moving along now…

Ikuko Meiro no Croisee: continuing
Sacred Seven: dropped
Uta no Prince-sama: continuing?
Mawaru PenguimDrum: is it time for the next episode
Kamisama Dolls: dropped
Idolmaster: continuing

Ikoku Meiro no Croisee – I should have posted something earlier about how damned excited I was for this adaption. I squealed when I first read the news that it was going to be an anime and whenever I remembered it would soon come into existence, I got even more excited. Since I was moving and without internet for the past week or so, it was even more pleasing when I read such favourable things about it!

I had been worried when I saw the PVs because Satelight does not have a good record and after learning they did Kamichama Karin all I could see was that reflected in the animation. But it turns out the PV only showed some really buggy-eyed looking shots and everything looked better than expected! Though that doesn’t mean it always looked perfect and they were left with some odd expressions at times.

I haven’t read the manga in such a long time. Which is nice, since this will be like new to me again! I forgot how much I enjoyed the characters. Yune, for not being a quiet little moeblob and actually proving herself at the end, and Claude, for being a relatively understanding mild-tsundere and a decent male protag, I think will have some nice chemistry. What usually turns me away from the slice of life genre is the lack of chemistry. I think from here on out, their interactions will become more and more interesting. I would like if it focused not only on Yune doing cute things but the work Claude does and the rest of the Galerie. Or I could admit I really just want to see Alice and Yune get into french shenanigans.

Sacred Seven – Picked this up on a whim. Sunrise does not have a good track record with me but I figured I could at least give this a shot. I mean, one episode is all I need to make a decision to keep watching or not. To be honest, I didn’t even look at the description of this show until I was half way through this episode. Oddly I am reminded of Ookamikakushi because FictionJunction did the OP and Yuuka Nanri did the ED. And you know what? Ookamikakushi sucked. It was terrible. Which adds to the disastarous combination of “sunrise + mecha = gaylove terribad”.

I can say I am starting to warm up to Ruri. Mostly because I think she will be the character people come to dislike because she is a girl and she is in a Sunrise mecha anime (Star Driver was not Sunrise but me and Wako are bros). May I also just say those were some cute snipers. Get those maid girls doing more stuff every episode and maybe I’ll peek in. THERE’S A WHOLE FLEET OF THEM. That is AWESOME. Actually all the help was pretty cool. Make the show about that butler doing ninja things and the maids doing badass things and you’ll have yourself a winner, Sunrise. Hellbrick is also cool because he says hell a lot and that is his thing and I am cool with that. So we have all these neat SIDE characters but what about Arma, our protag? WELL LO AND BEHOLD he has the personality of a stick. I could go outside, pick a stick up out of my yard and it would have more personality than Arma does. Not even a stick with the leaves still on it. Just a stick.

Also, if this turns out to be harem garbage then even if I was watching another episode I would drop it like it was on fire. But really this type of show isn’t for me. It didn’t hold my attention and I was honestly just waiting for it to be over.

Uta no Prince-sama – I enjoy reverse harem. There I said it. You know what I don’t enjoy? Otome game adaptions. I’m sure I would enjoy an otome game if I played it but I have never seen any translated and so, I have never played. Adaptions, however, are complete and total bullshit. I enjoy manga reverse harem adaptions. Don’t think there is a difference? Well there is. I would LOVE to see Stray Love Hearts with it’s wonderful art adapted but instead we get stuff like this. (Heart no Kuni is an exception because the manga adaption is really good and I love it and I am all of the sad because Tokyopop will never release the final volume in the main series)

I was going to check it out anyways just in case it wasn’t as bad as Starry Sky but THEN I learned who was voicing the main female character and I KNEW I had to at least check it out. And let me tell you. I almost died. The OP (?) at the beginning nearly killed me. Maybe it is because I don’t normally partake in viewing such things but I could not take it seriously. I was dying as they sang and danced. It was too much. The whole episode was out there. From the principal who may or may not be evil to the trap teacher to the weirdass saxaphone music that popped up as bgm. It was very entertaining for me and that is painful to admit but I really… liked it.

PenguinDrum – I had no idea what this was about when I started watching it. The hype around it (even if it showed up at the last minute) was what got me to watch though. I wrote the other series stuff up as I watched but i could not do the same for this because I was so entranced. It was awesome. I didn’t understand what was going on half the time but I loved it anyways. Magical girl elements? Yes please. Too early to confirm that but the OP seems to imply it. This episode was trippy, made me totally enjoy the things I am sternly against, was fun to watch and plesant to the eyes. Really, the animation was great. It reminded me of Birdy Decode. Only better. I can’t do anything but sing it’s praises right now and fall over myself waiting for the next episode. It’s going to be nice having another must-watch Thursday show.

Kamisama Dolls – I really didn’t check out any of the descriptions for these shows before I started. I am really unprepared. I did see a few PVs for this one though. Perhaps starting on the Girls Side PV was a bad idea because I would have liked to believe this could have turned out different. I was hoping it would be something like Bokurano. Well, that was BEFORE I learned who did the music and then I REALLY hoped it was like Bokurano. But for me, I don’t think anything will ever come close to being like Bokurano. There is a special place in my heart for the despair and depression that show made me feel. ♥

This, however, was a bit disappointing. Not that I had high hopes. The animation was pretty bland and compared to other shows this season really doesn’t stand out. Character designs, similarly, also are pretty boring. And the show itself? It was all over the place. And not in a good way like PenguinDrum. One moment it was lighthearted, the next it was dark. A shift like that is fine usually but not when you’re trying to win us over and we don’t have a clue what is going on. Things got a little more entertaining during the sort-of-fight near the end but then it dragged on again.

Idolm@ster – It’s silly that I got excited for this. I actually liked Xenoglossia (there I said it) even though it had nothing to do with the actual game. Live For You was kind of bleh but it looked like this would be better than that. Thankfully, it is.

It is kind of weird trying to focus on so many girls when the usual in this genre has usually only four but the girls all lend to each others personalities well. The problem with it is that particular characters end up with less screentime than others. I think if the show continues to switch between the daily schedule of the girls, that would be for the best. I sort of like the documentary format though and was disappointed when it seemed like it was only for this episode.

I still need to watch Dantalian no Shoka (Sawashiro~), Usagi Drop (I’m unsure aboutt hat though) and possibly Blood-C though I’m not sure if I’ll add anything to this.


  • minoru

    July 8, 2011

    Watch Usagi Drop. You might like it.

  • Coal

    July 8, 2011

    No plans for Kamisama no Memochou? It’s my favorite this season (so far.)

  • Fang-tan

    July 10, 2011

    @Minoru – I was excited for it but then I got spoiled and now I’m like ughhh maybe?

    @Coal – I don’t think so. I like the animation but it is too soon after Gosick for me. Plus J.C Staff makes me weary.

  • Nopy

    July 10, 2011

    I think Penguin Drum was the big shocker this season, to me it looked like anime on an acid trip.

    I still haven’t checked out the other anime yet, so little time :(

  • Fang-tan

    July 11, 2011

    It wasn’t as trippy as I was expecting, to be honest. Like everyone was saying it was but then when I watched it I didn’t think it was that weird. Okay. That transformation scene or w/e WAS really trippy, I’ll give you that.

  • Mushyrulez

    July 14, 2011


    “Hellbrick is also cool because he says hell a lot and that is his thing and I am cool with that.”
    -Quote of the season

  • Mushyrulez

    July 14, 2011

    aw shit was my comment cut off

    well I guess penguindrum doesn’t want me revealing the final plot twist

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