Saimoe 2011 and the Mahou Shoujo Legacy

Saimoe (the real one, not the shitty ISML one) is one of my favourite times of the year. I enjoy, after a long hard day of doing nothing, checking the results of the last round and either celelbrating, accepting a loss gracefully or flipping right the hell out. It is usually the last one. I see a lot of people criticize  it because it’s been made so only those in Japan can really vote and while I think that is a bit unfair, I also don’t particularly care. It did make things unbalanced and I see Saimoe, now, as a spectator sport. I see the glass as half full that way, you can see it as half empty and say “but it isn’t a spectator sport. You just can’t vote because you don’t live in a certain place. That means it sucks.”

I honestly think it is fun. Making my picks, showing support in childish ways and bitching like a loser when Index that character fails. It really is like the football season here (haha). Preliminaries are still ongoing (which I only found out now) so I won’t make a detailed chart for each match (yet?) because we don’t know what the matchs are yet (but I guess you could find out I am just too lazy). Hopefully I won’t be lazy in the future and will do that though. It sounds fun!

I think we all have a good guess who might win this year. Hate the show all you like but you’re being childish if you honestly think there isn’t a chance of a character from Puella Magi Madoka Magica winning. I could be wrong but we have to look at the history of this tournament. Mahou shoujo have an advantage. Not just any mahou shoujo. Precure girls? They come and go. Flavour of the month dealios. The very first winner of the very first saimoe (2002) was Sakura Kinomoto from CardCaptor Sakura (whih reminds me to write a post about that too…) and in 2005, Nanoha Takamachi from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha won. Since 2005 the caliber of girls who have won have changed and you might be apt to argue, “Azusa won, the era of moeblobs is here!” Well Madoka happens to be a moeblob and a mahou shoujo so there. (That would be my childish response) It is undeniable that Madoka has been just a strong presence in the mahou shoujo community as the victors before her have. Saimoe voters are predictable. Otaku are predictable. I’ve often though powerhouses like Mio from K-ON or that slut Mikoto from To Aru Majutsu no Index would win but neither ever did. Hell, Kanade who was WILDLY popular last year didn’t even make it to the finals. Being a flavour of the month doesn’t cut it.  I think Madoka has the history of saimoe, and the voters love of mahou shoujo, as well as the lasting impression she has left on fans and haters alike to back her up.

I say Madoka but of course it is possible one of the other girls might steal the winning spot for themselves. I find that unlikely as it always seemed that Fate was far more popular than Nanoha but it was still Nanoha who came out victorious in 2005. Fate, however, would reach second place in the following year but lose again, then, fan-favourite Suiseiseki from Rozen Maiden. Sayaka or Kyouko obviously don’t stand much of a chance and while Mami is popular I wonder if she is THAT popular. I think she is like Fate and would dominate a following tournament once the main characters did well. Which leaves Homura and Madoka. Homura is the proverbial Fate here. I would put my money down on Madoka as she is the titular character though. That is just me.

Well I have rambled for long enough here. The tournament hasn’t even officially started yet! I plan to use this barren wasteland of a blog to show support as the tournament goes on but I am fickle (read: lazy as all hell) so who knows~


  • cpubasic13

    July 26, 2011

    I don’t see the problem with Japan being the only ones allowed to vote in this. It is just fun to watch what happens at times. I’ve never actually watched through one of these (except seeing something here and there) but this time I think it will be very interesting to see what happens!

  • Nopy

    July 26, 2011

    While mahou shoujo have a strong showing at saimoe, I don’t think Madoka has the upper hand. Whereas characters like Sakura and Nanoha made their respective anime entertaining, it was Kyubey that made Puella Magi Madoka Magica so popular.

    Also, if nendoroid preorders are any indication, Mami and Homura are more popular than Madoka (at least in Japan). Mami sold out within hours, Homura sold out in days, and Madoka took too long for me to know when she sold out. I wouldn’t mind seeing Madoka win though.

  • Fang-tan

    July 26, 2011

    @cpubey – I also don’t see a problem so hooray! I do find it fun to watch. I don’t entirely trust hoards of voters from other countries (if the selection in ISML is anything to go on) so we can let the real otaku have this one. And it is fun so you should definitely watch along this year!

    @Nopy – I don’t think Kyubey is the main reason the show is popular. If anything I would think it is Charlotte and the whole initial shock of episode three that brought the show to it’s true fame.

    I definitely don’t think Mami is less popular than Madoka. That goes without saying. I just don’t see her, as a supporting character, reaching the finals or even past the second round. I wouldn’t mind being proven wrong though.

  • Mushyrulez

    July 28, 2011

    The funny thing about Saimoe is that people can whine all they want about how it’s limited to Japan, but you can always counter by telling them to ISML.

  • Fang-tan

    July 28, 2011

    And we can all see how well ISML turned out.

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