[c80] Last Note. – Colorful Parade

Album Name: Colorful Parade
Artist/Circle: Last Note.
Release Date: 08/13/11 (Comiket 80)
Website: http://ameblo.jp/lastnote25/entry-10975004671.html

  1. マトリョシカ
    Quickly becoming one of my favourite groups to appear at Comiket. Newbies they may be, but they can possibly dominate the Vocaloid-rock–niconico star-cover area…? Ok I don’t know where I was going with that but the point is, I don’t see a ton of Vocaloid cover albums. Maybe a few here and there but none like this. Our vocalist is Lon (or is it Ron?) who apparently is getting a best of album by Exit Tunes soon. Or is it out already? Well, either way. It’s happening. Matryoshka is a pretty popular song so a cover of it is not surprising but very welcomed. I would never actively search a cover like this (rock, guitar heavy, etc) but it’s very well done. Lon’s (we’ll go with that, maye a wise utatte mita fan can correct THIS ENTIRE POST) vocals fit better than expected. Ichigo is also here and maybe she would have been cool for this song too but hey I’m not complaining because this is a pretty stellar version.
  2. ラストエフェクト
    So once again I call upon more experienced Vocaloid fans to help me out. WHO is Last Note. because it bothered me last time and here they are again in this PV. Thy created the music in the original, correct? So they (I will just go with they for now) are producers who also throw together utatte mita albums now? The original is… well it’s average. Mediocre, perhaps? It’s becoming harder and hard to create a good Miku sound because there are so many people who make songs that leave songs like the original of this looking like complete trash. That was a needlessly indirect sentence wow. I suppose this version is better because the main problem in the original was Miku’s lackluster vocals (not saying the song is that much better though) though this vocalist gets a little bit on my nerves. He sounds too… screamy. And not in the way you would expect. I did enjoy the random violin though. There should have been more of that.
  3. トリノコシティ
    I do love me some Ichigo though. I remember really liking the PV for this one but never being a fan of the song. It was well done but 40mP songs pretty much never do it for me. They all sound so bland. Well done, but bland. This cover is more enjoyable for me but since it’s the song I have a problem with. Also, she sounds much better than she did on Vocalize. That’s gotta count for something.
  4. スキキライ
    Lon and vip店長… and vip is a guy right? I’m worried they’re ALL guys after the amount of traps I stumbled over last time. I did my research this time BUT STILL. Pretty forgettable song but the little spoken parts were cute at least.
  5. 十面相
    It was stumbling on to this song as I checked through my C80 folder that made this the first album to get reviewed. Because if you’ll recall I LOVE Ten Faced. I wanted to do the producer’s album a long time ago but I am lazy and didn’t. Maybe it isn’t too late. But I should probably deal with some of these C80 albums. I thought when I first this that it was a chorus but it’s… well who is 96猫? Is it a couple people or is it one person who is probably also a trap because in this and in their Two Breaths Walking cover there is a guy singing. Well you know what google is useless when it comes to this so I am going to just hope she is a girl but once again, I hope someone corrects me. Anyways, s/he does a great job with vocals (and now that I listen, the male voice does sound a bit feminine). Like the first track, this wouldn’t be one I searched out for an alternative sounding one like this but it works really well.
  6. ピエロ
    amu is the vocalist and he is pretty good. Maybe I said that before? Probably. I’ve actually heard a cover I like more than this which made this one seem pretty weak in comparison but we aren’t talking about that song, we’re talking about this one. One which I can only imagined covered better by  guy now. Ah well that makes sense. Amu is the right man for the job.
  7. ノイジーラバーソウル
    vip店長 is our vocalist again. His better sounds better than it did in his earlier track though one of the filters they use on his voice was pretty damn annoying. I’m usually all for those things. Actually, his voice does get annoying during the chorus. When it’s not the chorus or the filter though he sounds great. But otherwise… ugh I had to turn it off.
  8. ONE’s hope
    Well that was jarring. Going from one fast, rock song to a slow ballad. But I was surprised! Yanaginagi? Was she on the last one? I at least knew her from other doujin albums before I knew she was a utatte mita singer (well I knew she was one originally but I mean I knew of her from doujin stuff first). Her vocals are perfect for the relaxed tone of this track which actually picks up a bit more than I expected at the beginning.

Fang’s Rating:


– Average
A few tracks are absolutely great but the others fall flat. I think better track selection would help but that is just me. Yanaginagi was a wonderful surprise though.
Recommended tracks: 1, 5, 8


  • minoru

    January 3, 2012

    Nice review, man!

    I hope you will review their new album which is released on C81 too.

  • minoru

    January 3, 2012

    And yes, you’re right. 96猫 (KuroNeko)is indeed a female!

  • Fang-tan

    January 10, 2012

    Ah, I’ll keep an eye out for the C81 one. I’ve been enjoying this group.

    And thank you! My utatte mita knowledge is very limited.

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