Artist/Circle: RUSTY GEARS
Release Date: 08/13/11 (Comiket 80)
Website: http://rustygears.jp/

  1. Your Brightness
    What you would expect, maybe? Considering we’re one ARM short of Albatrosicks. It actually sounds different. Just simple fluffy pop where ARM’s stuff usually comes off as a straight dose of denpa. Void, the composer in this case, also did the OP of Yumekui Merry. Just a random tidbit for you there.
  2. Decadent World
    Now this is what made me excited for Rusty Gears. It would have been boring if it was too like Albatrosicks and, well, it’s pretty hard to do that. It’s weird that this style of sound didn ‘t work on Star Cracker but is pulled off well here. Well I guess I should stop assuming they are the same. Just because Quim and Miko are in both, doesn’t mean I should expect the same from both groups. Which means ARM and Void are the ones who make all the difference! I couldn’t really believe this was miko though. This is one of her rare tones. Where she isn’t completely autotuned? I thought her actual voice was super squeaky but maybe I haven’t heard it in awhile. Either way, Quim and miko both get to really try something new and sound more full of emotion than usual. More of this miko though please.
  3. Rusty Gears
    I like the constant shift from sound to sound. If each Rusty Gears album is like that I could end up being more excited for their released than the Albatrosicks one! (ok maybe that won’t happen) Quim and miko have a nice duet here in a ballady-pop song again. Very nice and kind of relaxing?
  4. Longing for Yesteryear
    Another quicker pop song but not quite denpa. Quim gets a lot of exposure on this album doesn’t he? It fits nicer than on the other albums though. Miko sounds great though when things break down. What a great duo wow. I’ve never noticed how nicely they mesh together. The song composition is actually better than I expected too. I’m pretty disappointed this is such a short album now. Maybe that’s why it’s so good?
  5. Can Change Your ***
    Back to our usual miko and it actual fits this nicely. It’s Quim who sounds a bit different. Song wise, it sounds like it should have been on the E album (ok so I never did stop the comparisons to Albatrosicks but yeah). The highlight is definietely the la la’s at the end though. They both sound nice together. It’s a shame that every track had both of them singing but hardly ever singing at the same time.

Fang’s Rating:


Fantastic Debut
I usually don’t do such short albums here but since this is pretty much Albatrosicks 2.0 I figured I might as well. Glad I did though because this was great! Rusty Gears consists of our vocalists miko and Quim, Minami on guitars and Void as song producer. Void is the only one who is not usually apart of Albatrosicks (although you can hardly call Minami a regular, we might as well in this case). However, I hope that the dual groups don’t push one another away from being produced. I would LOVE to see more Rusty Gears if it was as good as this album. Let’s pray for some consistency.
Recommended tracks: 2, 3, 4

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