Fang-tan’s 15 Favourite Nichijou Characters

I wanted to have this posted right after the show aired but I was actually kinda busy and didn’t have time to watch it till now. I have to work in the morning but I’m so saddened that one of my favourite shows is ending that I just needed to post something about it. I don’t really think I can express my love enough for this show though.

15. Nano Shinonome

I didn’t like Nano that much before she started to school. Mostly because of Hakase. I really hate Hakase, I gotta say. But Nano was actually a decent character when she was with the main three girls. Though she didn’t actually do that much but be a moeblob foil. There’s also that. Someone said that Nano was moe for the sake of being moe. Compared to the other characters, she really isn’t as relatable. Half of the humor in the show comes from “oh yeah, I know exactly how that feels” and Nano didn’t ever really deliever there. But she was pretty cute so I don’t hate her. The final episode was also really nice development for her and her friendship.

14. Yuuko’s Mom

It was surprising to see a mom so very relateable to my own rather than the usual ara ara~ type. Deep down though, I really just wanted her to smack Hakase out. That was totally what that little brat needed. Unfortunately, she only showed up in about three episodes.

13. Mihoshi Tachibana

Gundere’s sister. Cute from her first apperance late into the series. Her constant laughing appealed to my, obvious, love of Tsuruya. Laughing characters just always have a special spot in my heart. Especially when they’re this cute.

12. Tamamura

I have never related more to an anime character in my entire life.

11. Mio Naganohara

Mio was probably my least favourite of the three main girls when she was being a huge bitch to her friends but going far enough to assault a cop to keep her secret fujoshi hobby a secret, well. How can you hate that? She really redeemed herself in the second last episode. Though, in the same case with Nano, it was her friends that helped make her a better character. But I still teared up at the end so I’ll give her that.

10. Makoto Sakurai

Sakurai-sensei’s brother was another character who appeared late but proved himself plenty worthy as a great cast member. Whether it be his brilliantly devious blackmailing of Takasaki or “When did we agree that this is my room? This might not even be my room” becoming the greatest response to someone finding porn in your room.

08. Princess Starla

Starla only appeared in two episodes but I loved her from the start. Cute tsundere elf princess who also happens to be the quickest draw in all the skies? Yes please. Also her voice was delicious. (But not as much as that girl from one of those short kyoani ads and I still want to know who that seiyuu was)

07. Sakamoto-san

Sakamoto should have probably been near the top of this list but we all know he is awesome so it goes without saying amirite. His meowing is adorable too. Don’t forget that.

06. Kana Nakamura

It’s a shame Nakamura was introduced so late in the series but I guess I could see her skits getting old rather quickly. Her constant failure, obvious law breaking and Crocker-like attempts at capturing Nano were only highlighted further by her FUCK THE POLICE style getaways. Later on, she even displayed a rather cute side. You probably couldn’t have asked for a better villain-ish character in this show. As seen with the SUPRRISE TWIST at the end of the series, she’s just a really hapless person. I found I could almost relate to her accidentally stupid mishaps.

05. Yuuko Aioi

There were sometimes when Yuuko really annoyed me. But since that’s her thing, I couldn’t stay mad at her. Her pure idiocy was endearing and, like most of the best characters, she had a tendency to be completely over the top. Plus, it’s hard to deny that you haven’t had a friend like her, or have been that friend (that would me). She’s the type of person who can really be the best of all your friends. That’s a quality I do admire in a character.

04. Mai Minakami

God tier troll.  God tier character.

03. Yuria Sekiguchi / Kenzaburou Daiku

These two didn’t really do anything separately and they really were best when they were together. I was always excited when I knew they’d be in an episode but looking back, I can’t think of anything they themselves specifically did. Well, early on when the igo soccer club was pretty much just them, they were still really cute. Plus there was the skit in the last episode and my insane shipper self was very pleased with it. Very, very pleased.

02. Manabu Takasaki

I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a single skit featuring Takasaki that didn’t almost kill me. His over the top fantasies and random excited english phrases were always hilarious. It was hard not to root for him. Not the mention his little back and forth between Annaka and their chorus of ehhhh. It was even better when Makoto was introduced and was able to play on all the things that made Takasaki great.

01. Annaka Haruna



Well ok, actually I love most everybody on this list and it’s really too hard to pick a first. They all made the show great and my favourite slice of life show ever. I’m pretty bummed out that it’s over but I’ll be waiting eagerly just in case there ever is a second season.

Episode nineteen was probably one of the funniest but pretty much any of Yuuko/Mio’s really over the top scenes were hilarious. The chases in episode two and episode twenty six being prime examples. Episode twenty six was all around an excellent episode. Very funny but also tugged at the heart in a really simple and really sweet way.


  • cpubasic13

    September 26, 2011

    Sakamoto was just too good and I don’t think there was anything negative I could say about him.

    Totally agreeing on the Takasaki front. He is the most heroic teacher ever with some of the best moments. “NO FUTURE!”

  • Mushyrulez

    September 26, 2011

    Nano related to me a bit with the screw and ‘lol not changing deal with it obama’.

    Starla is EVIL and killed so many innocent eye-less people :(

    His name’s not Sakamoto, it’s TAISHO, and he’s actually KURONEKO

    I remember one where Daiku and Sekiguchi weren’t together, when he was like ‘oh, sure, I’ll buy you some juice again, thanks. Now to go home IN MY HELICOPTERRRRRRRRRRRRR’.



    showing the spirit of a TRUE canadian

  • cenyth

    September 30, 2011

    Who’s number 09?

  • Fang-tan

    October 3, 2011

    You are 09.

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