DECO*27 feat. KOTOKO – メーテルリンク

Kotoko’s Hikaru Uchu Pocket/ヒラく宇宙ポケット officially dropped yesterday so I thought I would post this now. Normally, I wouldn’t really be interested in a Kotoko album. Kotoko is usually hit or miss for me. The only reason I was looking forward to this one was the notable producers that were creating songs for this album. kz, masayoshi minoshima and, most importantly, DECO*27!

I enjoyed メーテルリンク a lot more than Light Lag. It was more like what you expect from him. So was Light Lag unexpected? Something like that. Kotoko’s voice actually sounds odd in this one but I really enjoy it. For instance, if you had given me this song to listen to and I had not known beforehand that it was her singing, I would never in a million years have guessed it was her. This isn’t the first time she’s surprised me like that but I think it’s especially noticeable here.

Kotoko’s hasn’t finished working with Vocaloid producers yet, though. The opening for the third season of Shakugan no Shana is produced by perhaps the most notable of all producers, ryo of Supercell.

(I am still peeved Mami Kawada isn’t doing any music, initially, for the Shana S3. The series is two cours though so she might get a song in the second OP/ED set but if not I’m going to be extremely disappointed)

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