Better late than never?

Ashamed this took so long since I was pretty hyped for this one. Of course ALTERNAIT 2 is the one I’m still waiting for but who knows if that’ll ever show up.

Album Name: AERAS
Release Date: Comiket 80
Website: http://albatrosicks.com/

  1. wake me up
    Sounds sort of like the original albums. Focus on electronic and all that. Something seems missing though? A certain enthusiasm the original album had. I do like this though. miko sounds a lot more mature and refined than she usually does. And the short bursts she sings in are nice and intense. Quim’s little bursts weren’t exactly needed.
  2. new world
    quim and miko both sing on this one and it’s nice sounding but it doesn’t do much to stand out.
    While I might have called the other one bland, it was not that I disliked it. This one I do dislike. Normally I feel a gray area so even if it doesn’t stand out, it’s still ok. I can’t stand quim in this one. Especially the intro. Which is a shame because the rest of the song is pretty good. Is that quim even? It doesn’t sound like him. Though I don’t recall hearing about any guest vocalists on this one so it could be just his actually tone.
  4. パラパラムラムラペロペロ
    A cutesy-rock styling from miko but something about it lacks heart. I’m not saying it isn’t catchy or anything though. There’s a lot of noise going on near the end. I wish they still made PVs because this one would have been interesting to see what the heck was going on.
  5. starry sky
    miko singing in english is usually… well usually a never good mix. And then quim joins in too. Just like their monologues from STAR CRACKER, I can only make out a handful of what they each said. Though her english in the monologues was still better than ARM’s and quim’s was. The song is again nothing special. Nothing I can see myself going back to listen to specifically to. (since the lyrics are in english I’ll copy them down from the book in a separate post a la You May Know Dream)
  6. 夏の天使たち
    Another cute enough pop song from miko. Maybe it’s tolerable because it’s just her? quim has gotten a lot more action lately but I don’t think he’s been contributing that much, especially if track three was anything to go on.
  7. Sword of Mephistopheles
    Based on the name, I was expecting a rock tune from the STAR CRACKER phase. Not exactly what I was expecting. I guess this was to show me for making that quim comment last track. He’s actually pretty good in this one. Though (not for the first time on this album) he’s sounded like those anon-bag-head-guys from Touhou. Maybe because I’m immune to dubstep (because I have a shitty taste in music?) I loved this one. miko’s section in the middle was unlike anything I’ve heard from Albatrosicks. I expected quim’s part to ruin what she had accomplished but this song drifts through so many different genres and themes that it all meshes together incredibly nicely.
  8. 危ない!マンゴー王子(♂)
    miko being cute again. Quim sounding odd again. Nothing that strange here.
  9. アスモデウス建国記念日
    Another one with lots of strange noises. The birds and whoever else…? It almost sounds like they were drunk when they threw this one together. If that was the case I would enjoy this 10x more.
  10. 雨なのにね
    Nice slow miko (and quim at the end) ballad to send us off. I’ve generally liked the rare slower, piano tracks the group has offered in the past and this is no exception, I suppose. Like most of the album it’s still rather bland though.

Fang’s Rating:


Rather disappointing effort by ALBATROSICKS. At least it doesn’t venture down the route that STAR CRACKER did but it still seems like the heart has gone out of the group and what they produce.
Recommended tracks: 7


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