Yen Press licenses Madoka Magica, Soul Eater Not!

I feel the insesinant need to comment whenever Yen Press licenses something to my liking. The North American market for manga has been in a dismal state since Tokyopop closes and I found little I wanted to read anymore. (Goddammit Del Ray) So with news of Tokyopop trying to get their act together (which is, if I can be really honest, annoying and almost unwelcome from me. They already lost their licenses and so now plenty of less popular books will never be finished) and this, I am pretty impressed.

I was planning on reading Soul Eater Not after finally finishing the anime series a few weeks ago (and learning what really goes down in the manga) when I heard Not was sort of yuribait. Well yuribait is frustrating but in my stylish shounen? I’ll accept it this time. I need to start reading the actual Soul Eater manga once again (I’m only on volume two or three) but I will def be picking this one up.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica is an almost unsurprising choice. Yen Press knows what is popular in ways Tokyopop didn’t. I couldn’t really imagine TP picking this up anyways. I have read this, anyways. Say what you will about the manga but the art is great, Walpurgis’s minions being the other puella magi that Homura knew was a GREAT addition I wish they would have done in the show for MAXIMUM EMOTIONAL IMPACT, and twintail Homura at the end is the cutest thing in the world. I don’t want to meet the person who doesn’t think post-Madoka twintail-Homura is the cutest thing ever. While it is only three volumes and nearly a word for word adaption of the anime series, I will also be picking this one up. Hopefully this leads them to also release Kazumi (which I started reading and is pretty bland and stupid) and Oriko (which I haven’t read but love Kirika) or even possible the light novel adaption. There is another anthology in the works, though, and that is what I hope would be published first. Given how they milk Higurashi (so will they license Umineko when Higurashi is done) and more specifically, Haruhi, it seems that if sales are well enough we won’t really have to wonder about the Madoka spinoffs getting licensed at all.

This is where Yen Press gets clever. Alice in the Country of Hearts was a Tokyopop license that I loved they lost. Instead of releasing the volumes in order, they’re releasing three ominibuses so readers like myself can’t pick up the last book that Tokyopop didn’t have a chance to release. I’m undeiced here. I love the series but since I already have all of the Tokyopop books, I don’t want to buy them all again. On the other hand, my collection is incomplete and I’d sort of like to finish this incarnation of Heart no Kuni.


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  • Kitsu

    November 5, 2011

    Soul eater Not is pretty awesome for the yuri undertones

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