Fall 2011 First Impressions

Is it still first impressions when things are already on episode three? I don’t particularly care, I guess.

Fate/Zero: Continuing this sausage fest onloy for Suit!Saber
C3: I don’t have a clue
Chihayafuru: Continuing
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: NOPE
Mirai Nikki: It’s not like I want to watch you or anything.
Guilty Crown: Dropped

Fate/Zero: I’ve never been a big Nasuverse fan. I picked up Carnival Phantasm because why the hell not and loved that and I would be OK if that was my only exposure to Tsukihime and the Fate series. Unfortunately, it was not. I was forced to accept Carnival Phantasm is crack and the characters all belong to overly convoluted series’s. Likewise, with Fate/Zero I am forced to accept this is a prequel and is followed by Fate/Stay Night which is pretty ugggghhh and ruins the atmosphere for me. I would probably enjoy Fate/Zero more if I knew Saber didn’t go on to join a stupid pseudo-harem but I guess there are other aspects of Fate/Stay I am missing but I am just choosing not to focus on them.

I only ended up watching this because I was lying in bed with my iPad and perchance happened to see that CR had the first episode. It was decent, setting up the plot and all their talking and blah de blah. Ilya’s mom is pretty cute though. As you can guess I’m probably not the right type of viewer for this if my interesting was only in the milf. What did sell me was Saber in a suit. Daaaaamn. I will give credit to the second episode for actually scaring the fuck out of me. Now you would pretty much need to be a  ⑨ to expect Caster to, y’know, not kill that kid. So, I was ready for it but for some reason I hadn’t expected that and it scared the hell out of me. I guess I could take those bonus points away for the damned fujoshi already shipping Waver/Rider. WHY.

C3: Normally I would pass this garbage up. However the season started out slow and I had nothing to watch. I dropped it after one episode but FOR SOME REASON (again) I watched the second episode. I don’t normally watch Harem Bullshit Light Novel Adaptions™ so I don’t know if it’s common for the main haremite to have a deep dark past wherein she massacres the hell out of everyone and everything. If so, bleh. If not, neat. Seems like all of the chicks in said Bullshit Harem are kind of inching toward the deepn end though so there’s that. A harem full of yandere bitches might be cool, I guess. If this wasn’t ecchi I would probably have less of a problem watching it but even though it reeks in pretending to be SHAFT and of course obviously being a Harem Bullshit Light Novel Adaption™ I might give this stupid show one more shot. (Also the OP is good and goddammit I’m going to say this every time I refrence the show, but Yukari Tamura using her Togame voice makes me affectionate toward it)

Chihayafuru: Speaking of things that sound stupid, Chihayafuru was just that. It sounded straight up dumb. Okay, not dumb. But for us baka gaijin that didn’t know what karuta was (and honestly how many of you did before this show?), it didn’t sound that interesting. The first episode got me though. Chihaya is a great shoujo protag. The show is right now focusing on how she started playing karuta but I’m kind of interested more in the high school opening. The show is going to get to it eventually and that’s OK because the childhood versions of the main character are good too. Taichi is a sort of realistic little kid who is a dick for no reason other than he jealous and kids are jerks. Chihaya is adorable and hell Arata is adorable too. One complaint is that the manga is still ongoing and that is always a recipe for disaster. The end is going to suck and we should all be prepared for that. Maybe it’s just I’ve been lacking in a good shoujo (Kaichou wa Maid-sama S2 fucking when) for awhile but Chihayafuru is my unexpected must watch show this season.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: Another Harem Bullshit Light Novel Adaption™? Yes. But this one is different. This one is the otaku-pandering hit. Bluray sales are off the charts, nendo’s already available (for preorder?). Otaku just can’t get enough of this shit! Probably because they don’t have any friends and boy wouldn’t it be awesome if some hot crazy chick invited you to join a club made to make friends soon to also be filled by stupid bimbos? Yes! The same way it would be cool if your little sister was a huge bitch (aren’t they all) that secretly loved anime and eroge and is also a model and also has other otaku friends who secretly want to bang you! Sena is fineeee but count me right the hell out of this.

Mirai Nikki: Ehhhhh. I said before in my youthful, stupid days that I would like this to be adapted because “lol yuno so yandere XD lololol” (or something to that effect). I had not yet read it Having read up to volume ten, now, I have very mixed emotions about the series. In some ways, I really enjoy it. Like Minene. I love Minene. I may only be watching for her. In some ways I hate it. Yuno and crybaby make some advancements in understandig and having a functioning relationship, and Yuno does something stupid and/or batshit to mess it up. I really enjoyed in ten (I think) when Yuki finally gets it together and is “She’s crazy? Look how many fucks I give.” and they Get. Shit. Done. Well, it’s not like I haven’t watched shows just to be mad about them in the past so I guess I will continue this one.

Guilty Crown: Not a big mecha fan but all the Supercell involvement with this had my curiosity at it’s highest. Gave the first episode a shot and it was pretty good. Heard a lot of people complaining about it but what was there that was really so terrible about it? Yeah it was pretty cliche some times… a lot of times. But at least it looked good while it was doing that. Characters don’t seem… that bright. Yet. Who knows. Maybe they’ll smarten up? For now, this is a follow.

Fall has been a pretty lame season. There is/was nothing I was excited about and so I went into every show expecting the worse. In some cases this worked out well and some shows, like Chihayafuru, have turned out to be pretty good. Despite that I am still waiting warmly for the winter season which looks insanely awesome and promising and BRS oh god yes.

And, hey, atleast there’s still Penguindrum.

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