Mami Tomoe is 2011’s Saimoe Champion

Despite what people will say about the end of this year’s SaiMadoka, I thought things were interesting. Starting with the first match where Misaka beat Homura. If any of the Puella Magi should have won, I honestly think Homura would be the most moe. I wouldn’t say that if episode ten hadn’t happened though. Kyouko? Great character but hardly moe. I’m kind of disappointed that my dream of the magical girl legacy going full circle with Madoka winning didn’t happen. In that regard, it really did seem as if it was “who’s the most popular Puella Magi” contest at the end.

Idid realize WHY Madoka didn’t join the ranks of the great magical girl legends though. When Sakura and Nanoha won they were both a) from a smaller cast size and therefore not at risk of splitting the vote. If, say, none ofthe Puella Magi had made it to the finals but Madoka well obviously she would have won (though the fandom split the vote so that PMMM would win no matter what so Madoka’s popularity compared to Kuroneko (who by the end of the tournament had only a few overall more votes than her) might make for a challenge but certainly a more interesting final match). Nanoha only ever had Fate to really, really worry about and in 2005 when Nanoha won, Fate didn’t even make it to the finals. Sakura, who was the first Saimoe winner in 2002, had Tomoyo who did place and was a semi-finalist. The second reason why b) Madoka was not a loli. Madoka is in the eighth or ninth grade (I can’t remember) while Nanoha (when she won) was nine and Sakura was 10-12. Now it’s obvious that the first reason listed is why Madoka, her self, didn’t win. I’m just saying, if she had been a loli she might have won.

Anyways I guess I’m glad Mami won. Though Sayaka is my favourite (deal with it), I was surprised she even made it to the semi-finals. I guess Japan doesn’t hate her as much as the western fandom does. I still think Madoka and Homura were the best fits to win if only for the title character triangle and because of Moemura. On a non-Puella Magi Madoka Magica note though, the other character I pull for every time she’s in the tournament did really well. Index beat her personal best (does losing at the beginning of the first round every time count as a record?) and made it to the finals of her starting round but lost to Kyouko who went up to be this year’s runner up. But Misaka didn’t make it to the finals either so it really was a good year! And because I’ve rambled, have a Mami image dump.






  • Debbie Curtis

    November 9, 2011

    Cool, Is this an anime series or what? I never heard of this before. I like the characters, especially Mami Tomoe there so beautiful and sexy.

  • Nopy

    November 11, 2011

    Interesting take on how Madoka would’ve done if she were younger. When I saw the results, I thought that she lost because she really wasn’t a “magical girl” until the last 20% of the anime.

  • Mushyrulez

    November 12, 2011

    Yeah, is Saimoe an anime series? I think I remember the name ‘Mami’ from another anime I watched but I think it was just a coincidence. How did Mami win? Did she have to battle to the death all the rest of the competition?

    I guess she has a distinct advantage because of her gun. Are guns even allowed in Saimoe?

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