The best anime ever?


So, even though ZUN has said he won’t do a Touhou anime (why again?) I was still thinking about it. If IOSYS did the music and choreographed the opening/ending/battle sequences it could be epic. Get GAINAX doing the producing (their busy with that stupid remake right now…) and it would guarantee be something awesome. Or it could be a train wreck. You know how fans are. It’s never good enough. Well, give Marisa a harem of Alice, Reimu, Patchouli, Yuyuko and Reisen (Yuyuko and Reisen to be debated) and you’ll have a masterpiece right there.

Marisa would HAVE to have a harem. It’s basic knowledge. Seriously. Who honestly favors the guys of Touhou (should they exist) over the pretty females? Seriously. It’s like…like…watching Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha for Chrono and not like Nanoha and/or Fate at all. It’s just plain idiotic (well you don’t have to like Nanoha an/or Fate but seriously, Chrono?).

Thinking about it now I can actually sort of picture or remember the reason why ZUN said he wanted to not y’know…make an anime of Touhou. Wasn’t it because he wouldn’t have enough control over everything? Like he wouldn’t be producing it and writing for it. Someone else would be doing it. I mean at least that’s what I think the reason was.

But if that is the reason then isn’t that a completely idiotic reason not to do the anime? I’m sure someone will tell me it’s not but consider this. Touhou is pretty popular, right? Wouldn’t any company jump at the chance of having Touhou under their belt? I’m sure if the condition was that ZUN got complete creative control over everything involved wouldn’t they jump on board? Well actually that does sound a little demanding.

Anyways forgetting that whole issue about ZUN and his control issues (although I suppose seeing he is Team Shanghai Alice itself and he’s created every game and character like a baby, then having someone else turn them into something else would be a little concerning…) the series could have like 26 episodes and at the most two seasons (as not to kill the franchise altogether). Throwing together a simple plot with some breezy yuri fanservice and you have a masterpiece (as I’ve already stated). But I suppose a Touhou anime is just something we’ll either have to dream about or wait for. But won’t it be such a good thing to wait for?


  • Falen

    September 4, 2007

    A Touhou anime is going to happen almost for sure. The whole “not enough control” is a weak reason that will not stand in the way of a anime series. There are already manga stories serialized here and there. If ZUN allows for manga adaptions to happen, anime series won’t be far behind.

  • Anonymous

    January 20, 2008

    The “official” manga releases have ZUN all over them however, and anything else, like everything Touhou-related, is doujin. There aren’t any mainstream publishers doing Touhou manga that I know of.

  • Nerex R. Terrene

    February 28, 2008

    I believe part of the reason ZUN does not want to make an anime is because it gives a single unified vision. The reason the thouhou world is so active and alive right now is because it is splinters of stories that inspire peoples fantasies as well as a plethora of what-if’s and fan scenarios upon which the world is built. He is likely aware that a touhou anime would turn out incredibly well: Hoever after the vision has been unified and the initial hype is gone: Once the anime ends, the hype would soon after die. Even if it were to run multiple seasons, once those end it would reach the true end of the series, and thus in a way the end of the world. This way, the fans vision inspires the games and the games inspire the fans visions.. there is no end: So without an anime touhou can live eternally.

  • Ano

    February 28, 2008

    A doujin anime would not interfere with the vision, however as it is clear that it is just one teams interpretation and vision.. their what-if. It would not be seen as official and thus would not have the same unifyong factor a big house production would have.

  • Fang-tan

    March 1, 2008

    You have an interesting point Nerex. I hadn’t thought of it like that before. An anime would most likely cover the games in arcs and then have one more which would ultimatly end the series. The games could go on forever!

    But if ZUN ever does decide to stop making games or end the franchise or something I’d like to think he could consider this and give us an an anime.

    I think a douin anime of ‘Concealed the Conclusion’ would be brilliant.

  • Touhou Anime

    May 3, 2008

    Guess what.

  • OMFG

    July 28, 2008


  • Unorthodox Method

    November 25, 2008

    A simple mainstream yuri romp featuring Touhou characters just wouldn’t do it. I think it would need to be something quite special. If ZUN made his next game like that, as much fun as it might be, people just couldn’t take it seriously. It would seem like selling out.

    The idea of series and seasons even, seems flawed. I think the best approach may be if it was done as sets of short stories, in a similar way to the games. A few episodes per story, six possibly. Maybe even micro single episodes. It would keep in the Touhou tradition, and seem familiar to fans. Trying to make some all encompassing series and please everyone in that one story arc, wouldn’t work. I’m not sure whether the short stories style could work for TV, which would lessen it’s attractiveness to companys, but there are hundreds of animes that don’t air on TV. And personally, I think a TV showing could be disastrous, since it would bring in the attention of the random masses who wouldn’t understand it’s origin. Touhou may be huge, but I never want to see it become “mainstream”.

    I see ZUN as a true hero. With the immense popularity Touhou has gathered, just think how easy it would be for him to sell out. With a wave of his hand he could let corporations take over with TV series, manga, spin off games for consoles, and more crappy merchandise than you can shake a miko stick at. The licenses and royaltys would grant him instant millions. Seriously.

    But ZUN knows this would ruin everything. It would quite simply destroy Touhou, the Touhou we know, and turn it into another Naruto. Do… Not… Want…

    So, as much as I long to see the potential epic that a Touhou anime could be. I 100% salute ZUN, for the way he is handling this.

  • Fang-tan

    November 26, 2008

    “But ZUN knows this would ruin everything. It would quite simply destroy Touhou, the Touhou we know, and turn it into another Naruto. Do… Not… Want…”

    Since writing this I have changed my views immensely. I believe that a Touhou anime would be the worst thing that could ever possibly happen. Fan-series would be fine but if it did get popular… seriously, I wouldn’t be able to take that. So you’re right. I hope ZUN keeps on staying strong and stays true to the series rather than selling out. Because with that he could remain our drunken hero.

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