It is Chrona time now. Hurrah!

What an interesting pair they make.

Weak scary laugh is enjoyable. Same with crazy eyes. Oh hell, let’s just say Chrona is strangely-drawn evil-cry-baby love~

While episode six of Soul eater was great, can it compare to Chrona? Whom I adore? (Moreso than Kidd?!)

Chrona is the master of EFC in Soul Eater.

Who the hell takes on a Scythe with a knife?

This was the first episode where I actually thought Maka was annoying (I mean c’mon, not as much as Black Star anyways). Was it because I compared her voice to Chrona’s who’s I thought was worse than hers? Once I heard her evil laugh I just had to love her voice, right?

Am I still watching Soul Eater?

I was really suprised; this episode had such a diffrent feel. I had to ask myself if I was really watching Soul Eater. The music really played a part in that. And I just love that in a series: when the music can so heavily influence the feel of the episode. Usually the BGM is hip-hop-ish and I really like that actually but this time it was dark, sinister and with opera-ish vocals. I so much enjoyed it. I do not think I can wait for the OST!

Shy Chrona nearly made me die. It was so cute moe I wanted to die. (I…I thought Chrona was a girl ._. )

“I…I don’t know how to act around girls…”

Now excuse me because this may seem a bit crude but holy fucking fuckity fuck fuck. Holy crap, I was blown away. I lost my breath for the last minute or so of the episode. I was speechless and stunned. I may love Chrona but I’m looking forward to seeing Stein kick her ass. He really does look badass, y’know.

Scared Maka is cute. <3

Crazy mode coming on! :D

But the first fundamental law of OTPing is that there is that dying/severely injuring yourself to protect other said person in said couple is quite possibly one of the greatest deal makers there is. If I don’t get distinct Soul/Maka action by the end of this series I’m going to be thoroughly kicking someone’s ass. But I suppose Soul sacrificing himself for Maka will do for now.

This show is going to kill me in OTP shock moments.

Seriously, Maka x Soul wins.


  • GDAM

    May 25, 2008

    Fuck Yeah.

  • Fang-tan

    May 25, 2008


  • faye

    October 31, 2008

    “If I don’t get distinct Soul/Maka action by the end of this series I’m going to be thoroughly kicking someone’s ass.”

    -haha! me too! XD

  • Sakamoto, Karin

    November 16, 2008

    I really think Chrona’s cute, even though I’m a girl too. I wish I was in Soul Eater, that would be awesome if I lived in an anime! Who agrees?

    Sakamoto, Karins last blog post..Cutest Moment In Soul Eater!

  • Fang-tan

    November 16, 2008

    Aha, I think you’re right. But if I could live in any world like that I’d live in Gensokyo. That’s not an anime so it doesn’t count does it? Haha.

  • Sue

    December 5, 2008

    God, I mean Shinigami-sama, Soul Eater ist that rocking! I like Chrona, it’s all a confusing thing about her gender but it’s okay, that she is at least a girl. I like Soul more, but there are a few exiting moments with Chrona that I absolutly adore. The whole finding-youreself-methapher was great and the crazy fight with Maka. Gosh, the szenery when Soul and Maka combined theyre soulwaves gets me every time. Do love the slow Jazz on the venyl.

    YAY for Soul Eater!

  • darkvizardking

    February 7, 2010

    damn, i was laughing my ass off the whole time, and i only have one thing to say, CRONA IS A CHICK, THANK SHINIGAMI-SAMA, thought it was going to be another haku moment for a sec there. and stein lives up to his name as the greatest meister

  • Fang-tan

    February 12, 2010

    Haha, I STILL believe Chrona is a girl. I don’t believe in any stupid proof. ;) Keep on fighting the she’s-a-girl battle.

  • Angelus

    January 13, 2011

    Crona Makenshi and Maka Albarn are carrying most emotions from all the characters. Maka helps Crona to start a new life, and Crona is always struggling between her evil mother and the new made friendship that ties her to Shibusen. I’m glad the way she’ll deceide in the very ending of the series.

    I’m only disappointed at the ending: it’s not finished, and the moral was too easy. I hope the’ll at least make an OVA after the 51. episode. Crona is a perfect fit in Maka’s team!

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