galaxias – galaxias!

Everything is DECO*27 and compared to Albatrosicks and nothing hurts. Wait, no, this did hurt.
Album Name: galaxias
Artist/Circle: galaxias (Teddyloid x DECO*27 x Kou Shibasaki)
Release Date: 11/23/2011

  1. Entry
    Short intro with very minimal vocals. Sets the tone for the album which is… spacey.
    Shibasaki isn’t given much to do which isn’t very surprising for a Teddyloid song. Well, no you can’t really say he doesn’t utilize vocals when he has them. They’re just minimal. Msotly just repetitive. Not in a bad way though since something different is going on all over in the song.
  3. Boys & Girls
    Deco*27’s influence is a little louder here. Shibasaki sounds kind of odd. Odd in the way that makes me compare her to miko in Albatrosicks, another (essentially) three group original ensemble who’s theme revolves around space. I won’t make the comparisons any further though. Though Teddyloid has done quite a few remixes of Deco’s things before, I wasn’t sure if this could really work. It’s weird going from the upbeat pop rock to… well, to Teddyloid.  The messing around they did with her voice is a little irritating after awhile though.
  4. galaxias!
    But I didn’t expect her to sing without it, so I’m not surprised.  Pretty bland for the title track. The song is good but Shibasaki isn’t putting enough emotion into her voice. She improves on that in the second part of the song so it remains that it’s just the chorus that is mostly underwhelming.
  5. Iny
    Back to a Deco song. Vocals are better in this one too even if their intentionally apathetic throughout.
    Short almost ballad sounding track that serves as an, unnecessary, intro to the next track.
  7. Future
    Doesn’t hold on to the slower feeling from the previous intro. Since it breaks into dubstep pretty early on (I image cringing, from you, at this point). I have no strong dislike for dubstep so that isn’t my problem with the song. Violin is out of place and would work but it’s the vocals that other me. Mostly just Shibasaki drawling her constant “hopeless future” at times when the song is otherwise decent.
  8.  J.A.N.
    Disco, sure okay.  Despite that, surprisingly Deco tasting. Vocals are pretty good if continuously underwhelming. The Deco*27 songs seem to be a lot more boring since I’ve always though his dramatic, serious songs were better. That might just be me though.
  9. Little Stars
    If they would have had Deco*27 singing, the comparisons to Albatrosicks would have been further justified but they didn’t. Which is a shame maybe since Shibasaki hasn’t done herself any justice here with this album. Autotune and voice manipulation doesn’t suit her.
    Outro track with a lot going on, I suppose. More interesting than the last two tracks at least.

Fang’s Rating:


Underwhelming vocals from Kou Shibasaki as well as B-grade songs from Deco*27. Teddyloid is awesome as usual but if you aren’t a fan of him already, or just dislike dubstep in general than this probably isn’t for you.

Recommended tracks: 3, 7


  • Ennui

    December 21, 2011

    Seeing the low result on the album makes me not want to listen to it, but I’ll still probably listen to it out of loyalty to Deco*27 more than anything else. I like the MMDPV for galaxias! more than the actual song,though. I was sort of disappointed when I heard it. I think I like Deco’s earlier songs more.

  • Fang-tan

    December 24, 2011

    Giving it a listen out of loyalty to Deco*27 isn’t such a bad idea but I miss his vocaloid stuff.

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