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Was it worth my excitement?

  1. Go Tight (Genesis of Aquarion)
    How sad. I was looking forward to this one. I guess the two other Genesis of Aquarion remixes from the other albums will have to do. Because I didn’t much care for this one. The vocals reminded me of Hatsune Miku. If she wasn’t robot-y sounding.
  2. Keikenchi Joushouchu (Minami-ke)
    Parts of this sounded like they were remixed by Silver Forest. Hahaha, maybe I’ve just got
    Reitaisai on the brain?
  3. Joint (Shakugan no Shana)
    I was looking forward to this one. I was looking forward to this CD alot. I look forward to them all and the vocals always seem to let me down. But this one. It sounded like Mami Kawada was still singing it. Quite possibly the best remix out of all three CDs. I’m not lying.
  4. Red Fraction (Black Lagoon)
    This was so obscure! It sounded different from any, any song from these CDs. Perhaps because lots of it (all?) was in english?
  5. Refrain of Soul (Evangelion: Death and Rebirth)
    Even if I don’t like Eva, this song was very dramatic. And I like that.
  6. Nazo ~ Mystery (Case Closed)
    Another great track. The vocal kinda had me taken aback. By in a good way. This song sounds so, so old school. But in a good way y’know? It sounds cute and easy going but still with a purpose!
  7. Dramatic (Okiku Furikabutte)
    No comment – in despair because I thought this was Yuki’s Dramatic.
  8. Star Rise (Bamboo Blade)
    At first I thought it sounded…ordinary. But it got progressively better. It sounds…cute. It reminds me of…haha….Youmu! Reitaisai on the brain!Reitaisai on the brain!
  9. Innocent Starter (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha)
    Much better thanEternal Blaze. Oh dear, much much better. It sounds like…it doesn’t sound like any of the characters. Maybe a grown up Vivio singing this? Intriguing? I’m just really happy they did this song right. Now maybe they can do some StrikerS stuff?
  10. Sorairo Days (Gurren-Lagann)
    They made this sound like they were remixing a song from some generic-magical-slice-of-life-harem anime instead of TGGL. But still, catchy as hell.
  11. Shichiten Hakki ☆ Shijoushugi! (Hayate the Combat Butler)
    It sounds like Hatsune Miku again. Except…y’know….good (oh that’s going to come back and bit me isn’t it?).
  12. Virgin’s High (Sky Girls)
    Ummm…how am I supposed to feel about this? My favorite song evar and it sounds…so…weird. At some parts in the songs it sounds like they’re just singing ‘rrrrrrrr’ it sounds like…hard to decipher. It’s like ‘rrrhrhrhrhrrhhrr’ only with words. I like the way it sounds except if they could make their words easier to hear.
  13. Reckless Fire (s-CRY-ed)
    I’ve never heard this song before but it sounded aight.
  14. Shangri-la (Fafner of the Azure)
    I’m glad this song turned out well. I daresay it sounded better than the original. That’s pretty sad for the original, right? I’d say so.
  15. 1000% Sparking (Negima)
    The same cannot be said about this song that was said for track 14. This song, I can imagine, must be hard to remix. I mean…it’s just so everywhere. The only good thing about this remix is the chorus.
  16. Ojamajo Carnival (Ojamajo Doremi)
    I’m a secret Doremi fan. I won’t lie. It’s so ugly that it’s cute. Their transformations…I just want to take them home! This remix is like the original only hi over the head with a shovel and then put on crack. And that IS a good thing.
  17. Balalaika (Kirarin Revolution)
    This song scares me. Not in the fun way either. Does the original really sound like that? How scary!
  18. Douwa Meiykuu (Otogi-Jushi Akazukin)
    Unlike the Doremi song, this one isn’t as good (not even close) as the original. It tries though. So it gets points for effort.
  19. Happy Material (Negima)
    Much, muuuuuuch better thatn 1000% Sparking. But it sounds like…no not Miku…it sounds like a duet between Akita Neru and Kagamine Rin.
  20. Tune The Rainbow (Rahxephon)
    I was going to say this wasn’t as good as Hemisphere from the previous album but this song…it proved it’s self. It sounds dramatic and sugary. Songs that can pull off that are just great.

Fang’s Rating: 9/10


  • GDAM

    May 25, 2008

    Good Enough.

  • DJTomoe

    May 25, 2008

    I hated Virgin’s High! here. It’s also one of my favorite songs and they killed it! X(
    And my favorite song here is Balaika. It’s so fun XD

  • Fang-tan

    May 31, 2008

    Balaika was WTF. I agree, they killed Virgin’s High. That song is totally awesome and…no, just no. Bad remix is bad~

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