[c81] ALBATROSICKS – Rebirth Era

Album Name: Rebirth Era
Artist/Circle: Albatrosicks
Release Date: Comiket 81
Website: http://albatrosicks.com/

  1. Replay Universe
    It might just be me but this sounds different from the stuff the group has done in the past. Even their more serious songs had some ounce of silliness to them. This one is generally pretty intense. miko sounds great and ARM has really out done his self with this one. Also really makes me wish they still did PVs but that happens all the time. Though I doubt they would do one to this song even if that would have been totally badass.
  2. 未来魔法ECNEICS
    Back to miko doing cute miko sounds and ARM experimenting all over the place. No complaints though since it still sounds wonderful.
  3. welcome to the world
    I know this album is only six tracks long and the last three are remixes but compared to Aeras, this album has floored me. We’re treated to a ballad styled track with lovely miko vocals. (I know, hard to image, right?) ARM continues just messing around and the song itself is all over the place but again, it really works.
  4. ドラム缶風呂型ドジっ娘コンピューターBUG (nu disco remix)
    Remix of track seven from Paramount Fever. I remember the original of this being pretty plain. Not bad, just plain. I guess this remix helps it out but it’s still, just like the original, a pretty forgettable song.
  5. どう見てもマンボウです。(DnB remix)
    Remix of the first track, of the first album. Takes me back. Can you believe it’s been four years since the first Albatrosicks album was released? Wow. The original song is classic by this group, I suppose (It’s no Strawberry Love Generator though) but I adore this remix. The original was always just too plain for my liking.
  6. ホシヲコエテ (anthem remix)
    Remix of one of the PV songs from Planet Liberation, the second Albatrosicks album. I always loved the original so bonus points for that. Even though this is just a remix, it’s Quim’s only real apperance on this album aside from slight background vocals. The remix aspect of the song isn’t that noticeable though unlike track four and five. So if you didn’t like the original (GET OVER and all), this track won’t do much for you.

Fang’s Rating:


It’s only six tracks, so it might be unfair to rate it so highly or compare it to the previous Albatrosicks albums. I adored everything about this album though. The three original tracks were outstanding. Another theory I had was that there was no Rusty Gears album so Quim and miko might have been able to focus on this one more but I think ARM had his own album coming out this Comiket so if that really was the case, he just blew them completely out of the water.
Recommended tracks: 1, 2, ~3~

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