Winter 2012 First Impressions

Yuribait ’12 has started off with promising results (and I haven’t even watched KMB). However, no amount of bait and switch yuri will satisfy me until Black Rock Shooter finally airs.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear – Continuing
Moretsu Pirates –  Continuing
Another – Continuing probably?
Daily Lives of Highschool Boys – Wanted to make an effort for Lit Girl but I don’t think so
Aquarion Evol – I think I can admire Mikono from afar
Inu x Boku SS – Continuing


I didn’t really know anything about this show before watching it except for briefly seeing one PV and getting a big yuribait vibe from it and knowing Nana Mizuki was in it. That being said I was pretty shocked. Shocked that I enjoyed it so much, shocked about Kanade. I was really liking her too. It’s the first episode so a revival might happen later on but it was still a shock to me that they offed one of the supposed main characters. This did make Tsubasa a stronger character (but killed my ship), apparently. Possibly a more boring character? I did complain about her being boring but becoming competent made her have less of a personality? The comparisons to Macross Frontier are so obvious that they pretty much go without saying. There were some intstances that seemed very Gainax-y but that might have just been me. The end of episode one reminded me a lot of Venus Versus Virus. Episode two will likely dispel that comparison when she cools her head.

Miniskirts Pirates

 I was HYPED for this show. Since the day it was announced as Miniskirt Pirates. How could you go wrong with a name like that? The first episode was pretty decent though not much happened even though it only focused on introduction which was boring compared to everything Symphogear had going on. I was pleased it wasn’t fanservicey at all. There’s a maid cafe but even that was very modest. It does feel kind of refreshing in how ancient it feels. Which is backwards but, hey, whatever. Kiddy Grade was one of the first things I saw when I was getting into anime (but so was He is My Master and what kind of road has that lead me down) so I kept getting reminded of that. Marika doesn’t really appeal to me, she seemed to yell too much. I also half expect Chiaki to break down crying about how much she loves Marika and has been travelling through different timelines to save her from dying against walpirate night but it’s the only the first episode so hopefully that’ll change.

(Also, incredibly disappointed Hyadain only did the lyrics for the OP. Show would have been 100% better if he had done the theme song himself)


I was on the fence about this and kept getting Ookamikakushi vibes (somehow especially because Ali Pro OP = Rozen Maiden = Peach Pit = Ookamikakushi). It turned out better than expected. The atmosphere was really nicely done for a horror. I’d sort of like to watch the next episode late at night in the dark rather than during the day since I think that would also help. I’d be especially interested if the classmates got picked off, one by one. Which would explain the individual focus on everyone in the class. My usual problem with horror anime is that they’re too predictable which Ookamikakushi was (also, terribly handled). Shiki was fairly unexpected though I don’t remember ever being scared by that since I was rooting for the shiki.

Daily Lives of High School Boys

When this was first announced, I initially compared it to Kimi no Boku which I did not watch. It seems the proper comparison would have been to Nichijou which I still miss dearly. The cold opening reeked of Nichijou but the rest of the show was far less over the top. I was amused though and while it did not have me in stitches like the aforementoned show did, it still got a couple laughs out of me. My main issue was the flow of the jokes though and the punchline/end of skit always seemed to drag on so if the joke missed, they didn’t just sweep it under the rug and move on to the next joke. They let you know it was there and that was your cue to laugh. I really loved the literature girl though. She was adorable. Since she was in the op, I would like to hope she’s a recurring character. If that’s the case I would definitely be okay with watching this.

Aquarion Evol

Only decided to watch this because I was bored and it seemed like a better choice than Ano Natsu de Matteru. Actually, the real reason was because I saw Mikono and couldn’t get over how cute she was. I never watched the original and would have probably long forgotten it if it wasn’t for the opening theme. It was really pretty and some of the side characters seemed pretty interesting but Amato was prone to random bursts of angst and I really don’t think I can put up with that for god knows how many more episodes.

Inu x Boku SS

I went in with low expectations but I actually enjoyed this. Ririchiyo is pretty cute and won me over with her zettai ryouiki and shorts combination. Nobara is great too. The show needs lots of Nobara and I will be pleased with it. Ririchiyo, the dog (who surprised me by not being a) completely stoic or b) a huge jerk) and Nobara all stood out for me but the other characters all seemed decent enough as well. Of course an obvious compliment is the animation which is really fluid. Though it was a decent first episode, I’m worried it won’t be able to pace itself properly. I was aware it was shounen but not to the extent that was shown in the first episode. Surprised I enjoyed this as much as I did though. Hopefully the rest of the series manages to keep my attention.

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  • Nopy

    January 12, 2012

    I was also hyped about Mouretsu Pirates, mainly because the director is the same guy that directed Martian Successor Nadesico and Uchuu no Stellvia. I’m also glad to see that it’s not fanservicey, which is what you’d expect with a title like that.

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