Jin feat. Miku Hatsune – Kagerou Days

I’m not very active in the Vocaloid community so it often takes a long time for things to reach me. One case would be this song which is actually fairly old. I probably wouldn’t have heard it ever if I hadn’t seen a Yume Nikki parody of it. The song is really good on it’s own but it’s this specific chorus that sells it for me. The actual song is much shorter but this version is longer because (in the actual song) it’s sung from a boy’s perspective until the end. The last few lines are then from the perspective of the girl who continues to get killed. In this chorus it loops so that the girls sing the song again from her perspective. It’s tampering a bit with the original but since it sounds so great, it’s not really worth complaining about.

Like Ten Faced seemed perfect for Umineko, Kagerou Days seems perfect for Steins;Gate, Madoka, Higurashi or any other time-loop featuring show. However I was surprised to not really find any. I did find a Penguindrum one. Odd choice but I guess I can see where they were coming from. The ending of it with Himari AND Shouma did make me laugh for the ridiculousness of it though.

Nico Nico Chorus. ver

Mawaru Penguindrum. ver


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