Black Rock Shooter, where did you go?

Just how much more do I need to scream?
Just how much more do I need to cry?
Stop it already, I can’t watch any more
The show I once dreamed of closes up

On this dark, crumbling path that never sees the light
I think I saw that hope from back then that never should have existed

But why?

Black Rock Shooter – OVA memories
Of those simpler, delightful times
But Black Rock Shooter, I can’t watch 
My hopes can only take once more to the stars racing through the darkness

The Black Rock Shooter anime is a perfect example of why you should never hope for anything ever because it will likely end up being complete and total trash. I probably could have waited until the show was over to explain why it is so terrible but I have the sinking suspicion it’s only going to get worse so now is better than ever.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I loved the OVA. I love, love, loved the OVA. It did everything perfect. It told the same story in two different ways. It blended them together perfectly. There were a few loose ends and a few things that didn’t have explaining but they didn’t need explaining, they were fine.

In the OVA, the main focus is of Yomi and Mato’s relationship. It builds up. There’s a montage, it takes months. It takes months for these girls to become as close as they do. In the show, it isn’t clear how much time has passed but it sure as hell isn’t much. I would give it two weeks if that. I can sort of, barely understand Mato becoming obsessed with trying to help and befriending Yomi. It’s understandable that she would be upset with how Kagari treated her. I can maybe let the first arc slide.

The second arc begins in episode three and that is where this really was the tipping point for me. In the OVA, Yomi gets jealous of Yuu too and disappears. BRS has to defeat Dead Master thus helping Yomi realize that she still loves her and will fight for her. Because they’re such good friends. Friends who have known each other for awhile. I don’t think this will happen in the show since it’ll be pretty stupid if it does but the show is already stupid so whatever. What has happened is Yomi is getting jealous of Yuu. “It was ok in the OVA so why isn’t it okay here?” you could ask. Which is where the whole two weeks =/= months of relationship building comes from. In the OVA, Yuu and Mato aren’t nearly as close as they are in the show. In the show Yomi knows that they have been friends since kindergarten. She is extremely jealous because Mato is closer with a girl she has known her entire life instead of her, a girl she has known for a week or two.

The real problem here for me is that this is all Yomi can think about right now. Kagari is not mentioned throughout the rest of episode three. She is immediately forgotten. The years of psychical and emotional abuse, forgotten about in a day. Everything Kagari did and, infact, Kagari herself matter less than Mato and her relationship to both herself and to Yuu. You could saw this was because of the chasm from episode two but I really, really doubt Kagari’s actions are going to be ever focused on again. BRS will likely beat up both Dead Master and STR and the three of them will achieve a Yomi x Mato x Yuu yuri-threesome good end and that will be it.

Another (minor) problem I am having is Black Gold Saw. In the OVA she shows up at the beginning and is a complete mystery. She is the one that scars BRS. In the real world, it represents a previous relationship or encounter that Mato had and that had a permanent effect on her. I really wish they would have made a new character for Saya because it feels like they’re really warping BGS now. I mean, it’s not like she had any established canon before but still. Her apparently being the antagonist also might debunk the BGS + BRS = Insane Black Rock Shooter theory unless STR is the one they end up fighting. I would think Insane Black Rock Shooter is confirmed to appear because the special box set of the show includes a figma of her.

Now my last and major complaint also involves BGS in the form of Saya. In the OVA, the other world and the real world interract slightly. Yomi giving into Dead Master, Mato chasing Black Rock Shooter’s star and, if you want to ignore the fact that everything was a metaphor, Yomi in the other world were all things that happened. In the show, everyone is pretty much like “yup these girls are fighting and we’re totally aware and look at us explaining the symbolism and get it get it it’s a metaphor right? girls are so messed up emotionally right???? DO YOU GET IT YET??” and shoving it down your throat. I saw a lot of complaints about the OVA where people didn’t understand what the connection was between the two worlds and I’m not going to call those people stupid or anything but I sure as hell hope you’re enjoying the TV version. What really annoys me is when the actual characters speak over other world parts. To really drive it home. Just in case you, y’know, didn’t get it.

I definitely have more I could list about this show that is driving me insane but I think I’ll save that for another day. I mean I actually have a list. I’m sure this show is going to get worse and these terribly animated babies are only going to keep weeping but I’ll keep watching out of loyalty. Or just to see how bad this train wreck is. To be fair,  don’t think I would hate this as much if the OVA hadn’t existed in the first place so it may be wrong to continously compare the two but it’s impossible, after watching both, not to. To really, really be fair, the only thing I can praise the tv version for is that it actually used the Black Rock Shooter song as the OP. That pleased me when I saw it and will continue to make me happy forever and ever.

(one thing that would save this show completely for me even if it doesn’t make any sense would be if Mato remembered the events of the OVA and this is an alternate timeline or something but nope)



  • Nopy

    February 20, 2012

    Wow, that sounds pretty bad, but that’s what I was expecting after seeing the first episode. I’m hoping that someone will compile all of the action scenes once the anime is done so I can just watch that :)

  • Fang-tan

    February 20, 2012

    I know someone released an “abridged” version of the first episode with only the BRS scenes but I’m not sure if they kept doing it. I think it would be interesting to rewatch but with only those scenes so I also hope someone does that.

  • Mushyrulez

    March 7, 2012

    Yeah, that’s aroduc of Tenka Seiha and iirc he’s still doing it.

    anyways, mark my words, black rock shooter will take the place that Madoka took last year as ‘best show of the year’. mark my words, everything that black rock shooter has stood for will be subverted. mark my words…

    p.s. is anybody’s name mark

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