[c81] Last Note. – Under Lights

dAlbum Name: Under Lights
Artist/Circle: Last Note.
Release Date: Comiket 81
Website: http://ameblo.jp/lastnote25

  1. 東京テディベア
    I guess the one thing I’ll always appreciate about these Last Note releases are that they don’t use extremely popular and well known songs that are already released a million times before this ever gets out. Tokyo Teddy Bear is originally a song by Neru, sung by Kagamine Rin. This version is sung by Glutamine. I love the violin added in. It’s such a great little touch. Glutamine is really good though it took awhile for me to get used to when he the higher pitches and squeaked which was kind of weird to me.
  2. カーニバル
    Katakiri Rekka? That was a surprise. I guess I never really associated her with utattemita. Original is by Otetsu with GUMI. I love the vocals on this one. She sounds a lot more intense than I’m used to from her.
  3. エンヴィキャットウォーク
    Envy Cat Walk is originally by Toma featuring Miku Hatsune. Original is pretty forgettable. Vocals are by Ryo-kun and are very… mild. They don’t stand out and aren’t powerful but are pleasant enough. Also, the violin is back so points for that.
  4. 恋愛勇者
    Another song by Last Note. Features GUMI in the original, I think? It’s hard to tell if she had an actual vocalist in the song too. If not, more amazing GUMI because I really am having trouble telling if that’s all her or not. Vocalist here is Rib. I actually wish they would have used a female vocalist here (also, no Ichigo here this time which sucks). He sounds a little off and nasal-y but that’s just me. The chorus isn’t sang with as emotion and expression as I think it deserves though.
  5.  どういうことなの!?
    Originally by Kuchibashi-P with Miku Hatsune. Lon returns! I think she would have been better suited for the previous track but this one fits here just as well. I had my doubts but the chorus was really good and saves her from sounding completely flat and dull.
  6. 男の娘メモラブル
    I was surprised how much this stood out from the previous tracks. Everything else has been mostly rock-oriented and then suddenly a very cheerful pop song. Original is by someone who, admittedly, I’ve never heard of and feautures Len Kagamine. Our vocalist is vipTenchou/vip店長. This time I know better thanks to my well versed in utatte-knowledge commenter’s that he is definitely a trap. Which makes sense, given the song. And really, I guess he does sound pretty cute.
  7. 秘蜜〜黒の誓い〜
    I’ve always loved this PV. Not been a fan of the song but the PV and story for it was always a favourite of mine. Then again the Kagamine twins are probably my least favourite of the major Vocaloids. Original is by Hitoshizuku-P with Len and Rin Kagamine.  I absolutely adore 96Neko’s vocals here. She sings both the Rin and Len (that is her speciality, I believe) parts but both of them mixing together was wonderful. The spoken part that is written in the PV was a little hilarious though.
  8. アカツキアライヴァル
    Last track is an original by Last Note featuring Faneru and Ryo-kun, I believe. Not that bad. Sometimes the two of them singing didn’t work at all but sometimes it sounded really great. Song itself is surprisingly well done.

Fang’s Rating:


Song choices are unique but lacking. Definitely not as impressive as past releases.
Recommended tracks: 2,7

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