Wakfu S2 Final Impressions

Oh no I’m blogging about french cartoons again.

The last few episodes of S2 were great. I have some complaints, sure, but I think the end of S2 was a great wrap up for a season that wasn’t nearly as good as the first season. S2 started off well and good with the Eva and Grovy thing and then we ran into a lot of filler. Particularly the Boufbowl arc which almost drove the translators to give up. Thankfully that wasn’t the case. And to be fair, the Boufbowl arc in the first season wasn’t that great. From there we were introduced to Cleophee. I could not stand Cleo when she was getting in the way of Eva and Grovy’s relationship. She made both of them (Grovy in partciular) act incredibly out of character. Eventually though the couple reconciled and Cleo stopped being a stupid homewrecking harlot and was actually a decent character after that. Furthermore, in the final episode I felt bad about everything I had said about her. Her concern and the sincerity she showed when Remy was threatening her sister was enough to make me adore her. (Also, for the record though I think I’ve said it before but I was never really a Remy fan and always preferred Grovy to him)

The storytelling was really weird here, actually. If you played Islands of Wakfu, you knew a lot of spoilers a head of time. Yugo was and is the king, Qilby is a traitor and all that. It seems weird to release a prequel like that when it would actively spoil the big twists in a season that had not even aired yet.

My hands down favourite part of the last two episodes was Rushu and Goultard’s fight. Goultard is already an awesome character but he didn’t do much in the first season. I’m not sure if the revelation that he was the new Iop god was really that shocking or if I was just unobservant during S1 since it did explain his appearance then. Goultard did have his own OVA though, which if you haven’t already seen then you should really check out. It wasn’t just their fight though. It was also Eva and Grovy’s participation that made it more enjoyable than the Eliatrope world scenes and the Qilby stuff. They were adorable together.

It’s hard not to compare Qilby and Nox. They are different in a lot of ways, I’ll admit. Nox thought he could undo the bad things he did and that was the only reason he did them. When he realized he could not go back and save his family and save the countless people he had murdered, he surrendered and eventually killed himself. When Qilby is asked by his sister if starting the war and killing most of his race was worth it and to him, yes it was. He doesn’t admit to any regrets or faults, in his mind he is completely justified. Both were insane only Nox held on to a bit of his humanity.

I don’t think sending Qilby back to his solitude was the best solution though. It’s a temporary one. He’s only going to get worse being alone there. I wanted to say there was no chance of him escaping since Yugo knew everything but they left the cube with the Eliatrope children. I don’t know how easy it would it would be for one of the other Eliatrope to help Qilby escape again should they go insane or evil but I doubt that would ever happen since all the Eliatropes besides Qilby are so wholesome and nice. I heard people saying maybe sending Shinonome with him might have helped but I don’t think it would have at all. It would have made her gone insane and she hadn’t done anything wrong at all.

One big thing that shocked me? The hats. The hats. The. Hats. I didn’t think they would actually show what was under the hat despite showing Yugo and the Elitatrope children taking their hats off in the preview. I hadn’t really thought about what might be under them either. Horns, I think we all assumed. Which isn’t necessarily incorrect? It was actually (wakfu) wings but they had no solid form so I assumed maybe they solidified into horns like during Yugo and Qilby’s fight when both used a great deal of Wakfu?

It hasn’t really hit me yet that there isn’t going to be another episode for awhile. This is assuming FR3 OKs a third season. If not, this is the final episode for now. Ankama wanted to do a trilogy from the start but so far I don’t think we can expect the third season any time soon. I can’t find the official announcement anymore but awhile back Ankama announced they were working on a Wakfu movie set for theatres in 2014 as well as a Dofus (the mmo prequel(?) to the Wakfu one) movie and possble tv series set for 2013. If that is still true for both, I could see them being a little to busy for a third season despite stating they want to do another.

As for what the third season or movie could be about? I had thought, prior to episode 26, New Sufokia could be an antagonist some how but they left on pretty good terms ( I think Amalia also deserves some special mention she really out did herself here and showed what a capable leader she is). During episode 26, however, it became clear that a time skip would be the only thing that could really work in my eyes. Based on what Goultard called Grovy, Grovy asking Eva to settle down with him for awhile, Grougal and Chibi both being babies and that Yugo can’t really do anything for the Eliatropes until he matures, I think skipping a head a few years would make the most sense. In the very least, it would be the most interesting thing to do. Another series set directly after this one would be pushing it because that would probably be one calamity too many.

(Also, does anyone know if the last two episodes were animated the same way as the last two in S1? The animation was noticeably  different in a lot of parts so I wouldn’t surprised if it was animated in Japan again. It seemed very Gainaxy though I believe Madhouse would have been the one to animate it again. Correct me if I’m wrong though)

All in all, still awesome, still going to recommend this to everyone and everyone and why can’t I hold all these last episode feels.

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