Spring 2012 First Impressions

Going to watch Medaka Box this weekend some time but I’m not really that interested in it. I’m really hyped for Jormungand though because:

  1. White Fox
  2. Iwasaki Taku
  3. Mami Kawada
  4. Yanaginagi

Space Bros: I will watch you one day, I vow
Sengoku Collection: Continuing
Sankarea: nope
Mysterious Girlfriend X: Continuing
Jormungand: I could not be continuing this any more if I tried
Shining Tears: nope
Fujiko: For Sawashiro, yes

Space Bros

I’m the kind of person who will regret not watching this. I enjoyed the first episode, I did. Mutta is a great main character. I just don’t know how interested I could stay in that. Which is really sad, you know? Space Bros is a great show and Sengoku Collection is a terrible show and hey! Look which one I’m into? Terrible, terrible life choices.

I am the cancer that is killing anime.

Sengoku Collection

I was going to pass this up since it looked like Koihime Musou/Sengoku Otome/Samurai Girls type garbage. But then it was actually that the girls went to the future? Well I was a little interested there. The OP makes the show look promising. The character designs of the bountiful girls are all really good. I adore each and every one and sort of want to watch just to see each character introduced. My main fear was that this was a sneaky harem show in disguise.

The episode starts with Nobunaga being sent to our time. She runs into random male #454353 and he takes her to lunch and after she follows him to work where she stops a robber. She follows him home and ecchi hijinks ensue. Afterwards he shows her around town on his vespa and they stop at a shrine where she prays to go back home or she’ll burn the shrine down. The three godly miko who reside there hear her and decide to help her. To go back she has to gather the ten treasures and along the way meet many friends, learn about the world she is in now and all that garbage. Luckily, at the end she seems to leave the guy she ran into and we never even learn his name (I was referring to him as Ryoushi2 and where are my Okami-san dvd/bds please arrive soon)

The animation is terrible. This is the first episode. It’s like the unspoken rule that you’re supposed to have good animation in your first and last episode at least. How bad can it get from here? Like I said though, I love the character designs. Nobunaga’s is a little boring compared to some of the others but I hope she gets different, modern outfits like in the OP.

The next episode seems to feature a different character so that’s cool I guess. I’m pretty pleased with it not being a huge romcom harem so I think I’ll stick around. There were some cute parts and I did find it, dare I say, charming at times. I’m disappointed since it’ll probably only end up being twelve episodes but I’m curious what Brain’s Base is going to do here and if it gets even more hilaribad.


I had really no intention of watching this because the description bothered me and reminded me a lot of something that happened while I was still in highschool. I had been idling in the library as I was often apt to do when I discovered it. I saw my very first zombie romance ya novel. I had picked it up out of morbid curiosity but could not get very far because it was terrible in every way. Zombies no not work that way. Zombies no not work this way. HOTD was a terrible show but at least it had actual zombies in it. I mean yeah sure any undead person would technically be a zombie but you still sound stupid as shit trying to make a romance out of anything with zombie in it. Hence why I hadn’t planned to even try this.

However the animation is good and the male protag is kind of adorable, even if he’s a necrophiliac (that sounds like Shouma). I was a little surprised though. I expected romcom shenanigans from the beginning but the whole dead cat thing was actually kind of creepy. Rea’s yelling was also a little unbelievable to me. Just the way it was phrased. On top of that, Rea’s voice is a bit grating at times.

I haven’t read the manga so I don’t want to make any big assumptions but it seems like this show could deal with some sort of heavy stuff if it doesn’t focus on romcom or the other girls around Furuya. I would think someone who loves zombies as much as Furuya would realize if he did find a zombie female, they wouldn’t be the moe-kind he imagined but would rip his throat out in an instant. This gives me the impression that even though he might not show it on the outside that deep down he might have a subconcious to die or kill himself? Likewise, ending aside, I can’t really see Rea not dying within the next episode or two. Either traveling home in the rain, in the dark and accidentally biting it or doing herself in because her dad is a pervert and she hates her life and having a new chance to start over.

Actually, I was thinking about it and this show could really be interesting. I’d like for Babu and Rea to be reborn as zombies who are sane and functioning at first but detereriorate as time goes on until they turn into typical mindless, hungry monsters. Ending with them possibly infecting other people (if that’s possible for them) and the only way for Furuya to stop them is to kill the original zombies, Babu and Rea.

Though I doubt anything that interesting will happen.

 Mysterious Girlfriend X

I was apprehensive about this one. Apprehensive but curious. The concept is obviously really weird and I was admittedly grossed out a couple times during the episode. Not enough to stop watching. It’s the opposite, I really want to watch more. The animation is great. I absolutely love it. It’s obviously more suitable for something from two decades ago and that is refreshing in a strange way. The dream scenes were really interesting too and had a completely different, almost dark atmosphere from the rest of the show. I’d appreciate if the show somehow took a darker turn but I won’t get my expectations that high.


The one show I was hyped for was this. I know people say their disappointed with every season that comes out but this time I really am. Summer looks amazing though. I’ll be patient and watch older shows until then. The reason I was excited for this is previously stated and I don’t know if it’s a very good reason but it’s valid enough. White Fox along with those music aspects were exciting for me. I really had no idea what the story was other then expecting something along the lines of Black Lagoon.

The animation is really off again. Really what is with these shows having poor animation on their very first episode? It doesn’t really matter here though. On a bit of pansy-ish note I’m glad it isn’t really gory. A couple people get shot directly in the foreheads a couple time but there is really very little blood even.

I liked the OP even though I cringed at Kawada’s engrish. The ED song dony by nagi seems out of place but the chorus is really beautiful. OST by Taku Iwasaki is great, as expected though. I was about to write that it lacked the rap he seems to have become fond of but the preview had a little song about Koko, though I don’t think that really counts and who knows maybe we’ll see it eventually. First track that played at the beginning of the episode was very Katanagatari-y though (by Iwasaki and White Fox, again).

I like Koko more than I thought I would. Shizuka Itou (Okamiiiii) does a good job though I expected a more mature sound from her. But Koko really is childish at times (a lot of the time) so it does work. Valmet seems like another great chacther. Because of her attatchment to Koko or that she jumped out of a car onto a moving truck (though I really doubt she could stand on it like she did) to bring a knife to a gun fight and still kicked ass. Lots of the characters seem interesting, really. Jonah doesn’t have much going for him right now but him being stoic is, y’know, the whole point though I hope he sort of gains some semblance of a personality by S2. Though I say that and he did laugh at the bear or fist bump Koko so I didn’t mind him. However it was his checking Koko’s forehead that really endeared him to me. After that I knew I couldn’t dislike him.

I also hope S2 doesn’t end with Jonah being to one to kill Koko because that is my prediction right now and I’ll be really bummed out if that happens.



  • 20BuckCans

    April 6, 2012

    Acchi Kocchi = best show hnnnnnnng

  • WanttoKnow

    July 13, 2012

    what anime is the first picture from??? as well as the third picture with the girl putting on lipgloss??

  • Fang-tan

    July 15, 2012

    They’re both from Sengoku Collection which is still currently airing I believe.

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