UN-GO Final Impressions

Man why does everything have impressions in the title lately? I used to blog other things. What the hell.

I didn’t watch this when it was airing because it screamed yaoibait and airing after No. 6 in noitaminA didn’t really help that. It could be that I’m not very open minded when it comes to things where the main characters are two dudes.

Though I had seen adult-Inga and Kazamori before and they had definitely earned my attention, it was something more recent that had forced me to watch.

Me and the Monogatari series are better left seperated because I really can’t stand it and though I didn’t watch it, Nise still left a bad taste in my mouth. However, after watching this Fantasy became permaentely lodged in my brain. I would be humming it at work, loading it on youtube so I could listen to it on the bus ride home and then eventually giving in and downloading it myself. In the past week or two since then I’ve probably listened to it hundreds of times. I’ll probably listen to it another hundred times for good measure. It didn’t stop there though. To be able to listen to the ED for eleven episodes was what pushed me to watch it.

I’m glad I did though. It was really enjoyable. Specifically, the characters. There wasn’t really a character I disliked. Well, Kuramitsu maybe. Kaishou Rinroku was pushing it but he was so morally ambiguous that I couldn’t really dislike him. Koyama specifically stood out for me. She was cute (especially when they woke up and she had switched places with Rie) and her dedication to Rinroku was admirable. Which in turn made me sympathetic for Hayami, another character I liked, during episode eleven. Even Rie was a good character. Except she was very flat. There wasn’t much to her.

The main characters though? I want to say Shinjuurou was interesting but I’m conflicted there. There were a lot of times where he was and he was a really decent protagonist. Looking back though it seems he was also dull. Competent, though and not completely void of any emotion so I’ll give him that. Inga was cute (though I prefer adult!Inga to shota!Inga, personally). I was disappointed though because in the last few episodes up to eleven it seemed like he didn’t really do that much. Now, Kazamori. Kazamori is easily my favourite character (followed by Koyama and adult!Inga). How could you not like her? I had liked her before but when she had rewound herself, made the rewind noise and said “That noise is a bonus” I knew I would adore her forever. Originally, before watching, I thought she was a trap though. I was pleased when it turned out to be just DFC. I was also happy that she really joined the main cast and accompanied Inga and Shinjuurou pretty much every where after that.

I won’t comment directly on the story because it was mystery, mystery, sudden plot. Like GOSICK but straight to the point and without Kazuya yelling all the time. GOSICK was more “hey remember that belgian maid we spoke briefly to at a train station heading to the Swiss Alps back in episode five? GUESS HOW IMPORTANT SHE IS NOW”. 1

However, I was disappointed when the end of the series came and there were some things that felt unresolved. It was even worse when those exact things were told to Rie by Shinjuurou as Fantasy played while I remained in the dark. The OVA/Movie comes out on the 20th though and sheds light on how Shinjuurou and Inga met. Also hopefully clearing up the characters in the OP and ED that weren’t in the show (though I guess one was just a scruffy looking Shinjuurou?).

I had heard the OP quite a bit before watching this. That’s just because I like School Food Punishment. The OP is nowhere near as good as the ED, of course. Not jsut song wise, either. The OP has great animation of course but so does the ED. Both have a lot of great imagery in them as well.

The OST is short and sweet. It’s done by NARASAKI who is apart of Coaltar of the Deepers (who did the first Penguindrum ED). Similarily, kensuke ushio does a few songs on here and he also did one of the Dear Future remixes so I had thought they were the same person but he’s actually apart of LAMA, who did Fantasy. My favourite tracks from the OST are easily Kai and Hikari, the tracks that usually herald adult!Inga’s arrival. Shin, Sora, and Bou are also highlights for me. Maybe KU could handle an OST of his own? I bet that would end up really nice. The Yonagahime 3+1 tracks were also really nicely done.

In the end, I’d be happy with a second season but I’ll look forward to the OVA/Movie for now. The characters were all really likable, the music was great and the setting was particularly outstanding. It was interesting seeing Japan half destroyed by war but people going about their days anyways. I would have liked to seen more about Shinjuurou’s experience with the war, the scene at the beginning of the first episode and all that but it’s not too much of a problem since the ova/movie will cover that.

Now I have some agraph albums to go find…


  1. That didn’t actually happen, of course.


  • Arietta

    April 8, 2012

    I only became interested in UN-GO after hearing it was a mystery. I really love things with detective work. Hoping the movie does a good job of answering the remaining questions.

    The worst part of watching it as it aired was the excruciating wait until Fantasy’s release, it really is a great song. I had to resort to downloading the TV size and putting it on loop.

  • Fang-tan

    April 11, 2012

    I agree. There were things I really wanted to know and I’d be pretty upset if there wasn’t the movie.

    I can’t imagine how that must have been. I’m still in love with the song and the wait would have driven me insane.

  • feal87

    April 16, 2012

    I had a similar experience as yours as I initially skipped over this series for the same exact reasons (Yaoi just isn’t my cup of tea)…

    Good series regardless.:)

  • fabrice

    April 24, 2012

    Overall this was a great ending for one of the better autumn series delivering a slightly bittersweet ending. The conspiracy around Kaishou has been solved in his favour but in the end it becomes apparent that he used it to conceal a crime once again. The show remains true to its roots by denying the watcher the feeling of full satisfaction that is gained by witnessing an act of justice.

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