Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Final Impressions

Final Impressions? I finished this back in April! I just couldn’t think of a better title.

So why write it now? Well it was bugging me that I didn’t. I wrote something for Un-Go and I actually belt bad that I didn’t write anything for this. Maybe it’s for the best. I’ve had time to scrutinize it instead of praising it despite its faults. Which it had. It was a good show but it did have major faults. So I’ll write down what I remember best and it’ll be short and sweet.

Originally I wasn’t sure how this would work as a series. How could they stretch something like this out into 11 episodes? I was plesantly surprised with that until I got to the end.

It may have had something to do with the fact that I was spoiled before watching. To motivate myself into watching it, I had watched an amv of it and saw the ending. So I already knew Yuki was going to die. Maybe if I hadn’t, I would have appreciated the last few episodes more. I didn’t though. While I understand the stress and what it would have done to Mirai to see her brother die, I think they pulled a ‘Yuki is dead! oops no he isn’t! Yes he is! NO he isn’t?!’ one too many times. Again, if I hadn’t known Yuki was dead when Mirai was heading home, I might have enjoyed it though it was kind of obvious even otherwise. Still Mari and the few people they encountered didn’t say to her that her brother was dead even though Mari saw Mirai wasn’t handling it and was believing he was there. It was Mari not saying anything about it for the duration of the trip that really bothered me about it.

Despite that, I still cried. That was expected and I actually thought I would more. Early on during the series got me a lot. When Mirai was looking for Yuki the first time or when the boat tipped, I remember specifically. While these scenes are sad on their own, I think the parallel to real life made it even worse. The scene with Mirai and her mom in the apartment was what really got me. I had been sitting there complaining about how obvious it was that Yuki was dead but then the apartment scene happened and I pretty much bawled like a baby. The rest of the ending too. Once I started it did not stop.

One prominent thing I remember hearing a lot about the show was how bitchy and bratty Mirai was. I have a lot of problems with people saying this. Especially if you watch the whole thing and still call her. Admittedly, she does act like it at home before the earthquake but she is a young girl. Girls are moody and cranky at that age and it made it clear just how much her character could, and did, grow.  By the end, she has undoubtedly changed. The second reason is that she was pmsing and if you’re going to call her names because she was pmsing then you need to back the hell up. Even though bad stuff was going down you can’t control how you end up feeling and the world can be crumbling around you but you’re still going to bite the head off the people with you. I don’t know. It just really bothers me? I mean it wasn’t obvious until the episode where they try to find the episode and then I was able to excuse her behaviour. I actually enjoyed it then. I honestly can’t think of any other shows where it shows one of the female characters (and there are just so many) being a raging bitch and not being able to help. (look I’ll save you the trouble of making an obligatory tsundere comment)

So yes, I enjoyed Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 a lot and I’m glad I marathoned it. I think it is a must watch for anyone looking something pretty much different in every way from most of what is airing lately.


  • Saberlink

    December 25, 2012

    yes, the fact this story i give it try to 12 of my friend and no one can stand a chance to not crying.

  • By KrayZ

    April 9, 2013

    im also cry i’d expecting yuki is still alive but he’s dead T_T

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