Thought on LoK as of ep. 7

I was planning to not write anything about Korra until the season finale (or until the ABT was over but if the ABT is determining what I post then I am not enjoying that correctly) at the very least. However, The Aftermath was another great episode and I guess I might write some of my thoughts down now.

Originally when Avatar aired I didn’t really pay any attention to it. I was much more weeby then. I ended up marathoning it during August last year and adored it. It was lucky I watched it then since the wait for Korra didn’t end up being that bad.

Korra’s also sort of filling the void the void that Wakfu left (but it’ll never be Wakfu because it lacks a badass theme song). The thing that is lacking in Korra that both Avatar and Wakfu had? Adventure. I noticed it more since that’s what makes it comparable to the two (actually having watched Wakfu S1 long before Avatar even though Wakfu came out after, I couldn’t handle the similarities when I watched Avatar). Republic City is cool and all but it would be neat to see how the world changed since ATLA.

Maybe they will leave though? Amon and the Equalists keep saying they want to take their revolution outside of Republic City and to the rest of the world. Republic City is becoming more and more hostile. Amon will likely hear of Asami siding with the Avatar, Lin will lose her job and now they have those mech to deal with.  It may not be soon but maybe there is a chance of them leaving?

I didn’t really want to talk about this since fangirls on tumblr will have you think this is the central goddamn thing of the show when their shipping and the actual relationships have very little focus in most episodes. First of all, I really don’t like Makorra. I was onboard at first but no I just can’t support that. I don’t think they have very much chemistry and Mako suits Asami much better. Masami is great and I’m really, really routing for that to be endgame. I doubt it will be. Because it is a kid’s show and I know as a kid I would have been disappointed if the intial relalationship didn’t actually work out. But I am an adult now watching a show for kids so I’ll be damned if I’m not going to hope for Masami and Borra. I do ship Borra. At first I liked them just as bros because Bolin is really just completely awesome in every way. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought it would be really cute. I don’t see it  happening. The episode where she and Mako kissed was probably the only Borra-centric episode we’ll get and might as well have sealed the Makorra destiny.

You know what? Maybe she’ll end up with no one. Just to prove she is an independent character and shove it in the face of all the shippers who only care about that one thing. I would be fine with that. I think that would be awesome. As long as it isn’t a Makorra ending, I’m fine. But hey watch Asami actually turn out to be evil and then Makorra will be a-ok to happen, right?

Another thing that gets me is the Equalists entirely. What an interesting premise. They’re the bad guys but most of them really are’t that bad, are they? They’re just ordinary people who may have never thought much about benders and maybe most of them have never experienced any discrimination. But then some people come forward and say, “we have been discriminated against and look how benders have ruined our lives!” and suddenly they take up arms. We can say Amon is bad but can we say he’s actually evil? Taking away bending is pretty horrible, yeah but it’s easy to see where he’s coming from. Not an agreeable stance and the way he handles it is completely wrong though. But is there a peaceful option? There would always be opression and discrimination even if he had used a peaceful method of trying to help non-benders.

So it just seems weird to me. When all is said and done, Korra defeats Amon and crushes the Equalists. She ends their revolution. Is she really accomplishing anything though? Wouldn’t the defeat of their esteemed leader just simply cause another to rise up and replace him? It is a kid’s show though so Korra will likely beat up Amon, deliver a heartfelt speech and sway the Equalists or something like that.

Of course maybe the Ewualists and Amon aren’t the big bad in the end? That would still bring up the question of how to deal with them of course but we could switch all the villainy duties on to someone else. Maybe the firbender who killed Mako and Bolin’s parents, Amon’s family and Asami’s mom are all the same people? That would be neat?

No Korra episode next week either.

Man I miss Wakfu.


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