Fang’s Top 10 Favourite Anime Endings

Round two!

(Endings were actually a lot harder to decide than the openings were)

Erinyes (Night Wizard)

I was sure I had posted about Erinyes and how much I loved it because I used to be all about Night Wizard. But long story short,  love Erinyes. What a good song. Oh my god yes. However I was always disappointed the full version didn’t sound as good as the TV size did. The TV size version has so much drama and tension in it (especially by the revelation of who the main characters are actually fighting in the ED). That emotion was lacking in the full version.

My Will (Inuyasha)

Obligatory weeb inclusion. Well I do credit my becoming a socially inept anime fan to this show and, ok, I guess a part of me will always love it in some weebish way. But I swear to god I will go to my deathbed insisting this show at the very least had great music. Especially the EDs. Like this one (though I love all the EDs except one, Come is by far the one I listen to most and maybe like more than this one?).

Purippurin Taisou (Kemeko DX)

My love for Purippurin Taisou is eternal. I’ll forever complain about it not being appreciated enough because it is awesome (though there is a Nonowa parody). The lyrics are crude and ridiculous but not as much as the actual ED which is just completely fun. Marvellous!

Agony (Kannazuki no Miko)

I am by no means a KnM fan. However this ED is almost iconic. Parodied countless times over and over, continuing to this very day. Thankfully. The song itself is classic KOTOKO (that means good). The ED itself is, like I said, iconic. Himeko and Chikane embracing each other, their eyes locked and with just a tease of skin as if they’re ready to shed their clothes at any moment. The entire thing was and is still incredibly seductive.

Perfect World (Spice and Wolf II)

The ED of S1 has cute engrish and is a lot more cheerful but I’ve always loved Perfect World more. It sounds upbeat but the chorus sounds so melancholic and almost sorrowful. I’ve always liked that mix of emotion. The Ayakura’s art is cute as always and that is an added bonus.

Kimi no Shirainai Monogatari (Bakemonogatari)

SHAFT has some nice music in their shows that is undeniable. Also, Supercell. Not Supercell’s first work for an anime but the first for a series not a movie, I think. Nagi’s vocals are wonderful. They always are. Visually splendid as well. (I like the original better but couldn’t find it in HD so I had to have Tsubasa Cat even though there is not nearly enough Hitagi for my liking) The artwork is strange and unusual (fitting since Bakemonogatari was that itself) and I am waiting warmly for those figures based on the ED designs.

Fantasy (UN-GO)

I feel like this is cheating for some reason but since I did watch UN-GO was because of this ED. Visually it’s colourful and showcases each recurring character. The OP is great too and I was torn about including that in the previous list but Fantasy is now near and dear to my heart.

Don’t Say Lazy (K-ON!)

I was going to go with Listen but I couldn’t really justify that for any other reason than Mugi is at her cutest there. I’ve never been a big fan of K-ON but the EDs have always been really good and of course that started with this. It was catchy, the girls were classy

Daichi no la-li-la (Scrapped Princess)

I’ve loved this song for years and years. I never did finish Scrapped Princess, though. The song is incredibly soothing and calm. Likewise, the visuals are mostly shots of Pacifica and clouds and stuff so that’s not very exciting on the whole but it’s still just such a good song that it still works.

STUDY x STUDY (Highschool DxD)

This is a CLASSY establishment. It’s actually a really catchy song and well, y’know, the stripper pole. The SnQ EDs are really good too, I used to think. Not so much anymore.

Honourable mentions:

Super Special (Chaos;Head): I love you Seiraaaaa

– Kimi ni Kirei no Kizuite Okure (Kuragehime)

DEAR FUTURE (Mawaru Penguindrum): The only inclusion of remixes that have ever been as good or better than the original, imo.

Future (Kiddy Grade)

Trust Me (Durarara!!)


  • Mushyrulez

    June 17, 2012

    I think the general trend with OPs/EDs is that while the opening usually gives you a feeling of what the anime is actually about, the ending is just way out there with creepy abstract imagery half the time (Dantalian no Shoka ED?) and with completely unrelated nonsense the other half (Hyouka ED).

    Wait, was it hard to pick top 10 EDs because there were so many good ones? :v

  • Fang-tan

    June 20, 2012

    Man the Dantalian no Shoka ED was so messed up. The OP was p. cool though except the full version had Huey blabbing in it. But yeah, you’re pretty much right.

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