Mysterious Girlfriend X Episode 9 Complaints


Mysterious Girlfriend X is almost over (kind of) so I’m going to save my thoughts of the series overall for the final impressions post. I just wanted to post something that really bothered me about yesterday’s episode.

Tsubaki is kind of being a dick. The first time he did the whole “I want my girlfriend to myself” thing was when she was thinking of joining the club. He was afraid she’d make friends and they’d take her away from him. He didn’t want her to join, didn’t want her to make friends and wanted her to stay all to himself. That alone is kind of bad. But I ignored it. I guess in a twisted way it sort of was sweet.

Then, it happened again. Oka gave Urabe a new hairstyle and she started gaining a lot of attention from the boys. This made Tsubaki jealous. He wanted to be the only one to see her cute face and asked her to go back to her old hairstyle, the one that hides her face.

Oka calls him out as being possesive but she means it playfully. It’s kind of twisted, if you ask me. I can equate it to a guy not letting his girlfriend see her friends after they start dating or a guy telling his girlfriend to cover up because if other guys look at her, that some how makes her a slut. These are the things it reminds me of. I’m not saying it’s the same at all. Usually, if the guy doesn’t let his girlfriend see her friend’s its because he doesn’t trust her. Tsubaki trusts Urabe, she’s proven her loyalty to him. His reason for wanting to cover her face is only because he’s jealous and doesn’t want other boys looking at her. Granted, them taking pictures of her was a little bit creepy. But he still wanted to buy one.

Of course the episode tries to twist it to show Urabe is possessive. What happened isn’t the same at all. I don’t find that to be possesiveness (though I can see how you could label it as that). Looking and drooling over an idol because it looks like her? I guess that’s fine (though if he hadn’t mentioned it looked like her she probably wouldn’t have cared at all). BUT those who don’t know their situation could twist it. “He likes Momoka because she looks like Urabe” could also = “he likes Urabe because she looks like Momoka” which is shallow but plausible for some people. Otaku especially, I’m sure. And that’s what else this leads to. This kind of manipulation reminds me of the worst kind of otaku. The ones who unironically destroy their things, cut and mark out magazines with pictures of characters who have been touched by another man. By actual living seiyuu who happen to have boyfriends. This is the same taste it leaves in my mouth.

And Urabe is fine with this. Granted, Tsubaki isn’t aggressive in the issue. He makes a passive remark, he doesn’t order her to leave her hairstyle the way it is (though he thought it would be cute originally, before his friends started getting attracted to her). And she does. It doesn’t matter to her. But from an outside perspective, it seems really wrong.

Trying to compare Urabe getting upset with him drooling over another girl that looked at her and him wanting to hide her and be the only one to see her cute face seemed really wrong. If he’s really so jealous he could tell his classmates they’re dating. Is stopping from making it complicated worth knowing your friends are fapping to your girlfriend? (because they probably still would, they wouldn’t make it as obvious)

I doubt it’s an unintentional unease. There has been something creepy about the show from the start. Brought on by the drool and the freaky dreams that follow. But maybe this possesiveness is an underlying thing that is actual more obvious than I originally thought. Or maybe I’m overreacting. Maybe this is just supposed to be sweet and I’m taking it to far. Who knows. It just left a sour taste in my mouth.

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  • lvlln

    June 6, 2012

    I don’t think the show is trying to make a particular statement here or making an equivalency between Urabe and Tsubaki. It’s just presenting them both as inexperienced teenagers, letting us see how they stumble.

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