Legend of Korra S1 Final Impressions


Let’s make this short and sweet. The Legend of Korra pulled a Zero no Tsukaima. And believe me I never thought I’d be saying something like that.

What I mean exactly is they had set up some nice drama and a season finale that leaves you going “woah, did that really just happen to the main character?” and your line of thought probably goes “yeah but they’ll fix them by the end of the episode”. You want to be wrong but rarely are you wrong. Saito should have remained dead until S3 (but I guess a mourning, gloomy Louise doesn’t make for good promotional images) and Korra should have stayed without her bending until S2. The shock/emotional impact is lost because they take the easy way out.

Korra lost her bending for all of about what? Ten minutes? You’re kind of like “ok wow I guess” but you get over it because they sweep it away so quickly and fix the problem with an avatar deus ex machina. It would have been really interesting to see Korra sturggle in the third season with losing the entire thing that made up her existence and made her who she was. To see her struggle with being a regular bender and find her self-worth was not directly related to her bending powers and her title as Avatar. NOPE.

You can say, “But it’s a kids show!” but they lost that card with the boat scene. The boat scene between the two brothers was heartbreaking. I didn’t want to sympathize with Amon since he was pretty evil and all but he seemed so happy and I saw what Tarrlok was going to do and I was like “nooo” and then he put his hand over the gas and I was like “oh noooo” and Amon cried and the scene became shocking (no pun intended). It was great. The presentation was great just like Lin getting her bending taken away was. I sort of cried at that scene even though it was completely obvious she was getting her bending back eventually and likely in the next episode. The presentation as if she were being executed and the weight of what he was doing along with the bgm that played during the end all made the scene so intense.

Well actually episode ten was really good in general. The last two episodes? Disappointed. Yeah, that pretty much sums up how I felt about Korra by the end. Disappointed. The first few episodes were really good and, like I said, ten was fantastic. But the last two episodes were just disappointing.

Makorra is the worst. That’s apart of why it was so disappointing. Mako is a terrible character. Yeah I know he’s a teenager and he was conflicted between two girls and teenage guys can be dicks sometimes but I just couldn’t bring myself to like him at all. Maybe if his character had been developed a bit more, it wouldn’t have been as much of a problem but it was. Bolin lacked character development too and remained comic relief throughout the serious. Though I was seriously rooting for him to get Korra because the episode where he was crushing on her was really good until Mako had to ruin everything again.

Speaking of Mako ruining things. ASAMI. Asami is just the best and if you don’t like her, then I don’t like you. She gave up everything to do what was right. While being a complete and total badass! Even when she found out Mako had kissed Korra, she had no hostility towards Korra. And I sincerly hope in S2 they can remain friends. Asami can do so much better anyways.

I had expected her dad to eventually try and betray Amon when his daughter was in danger and was kind of surprised when he was actually just crazy and tried to attack her. It made me feel even worse for her. She continued to do the right thing, continuously betraying her only family and finally accepting that he could never be the person she had thought he was before. Asami is just great. End of story.

I am looking forward to S2, whenever that airs. The pacing was so off and the characters so under-developed that I assume they have a new story arc they’ll rush through for S2. Otherwise this really could have been spread out. I’m trying not to compare it to ATLA since that was much longer but it’s a little hard. Still, I can look back and think about how great Lin and Asami were. Because they were the best. Asami is the best.

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