Michiko to Hatchin Final Impressions

Michiko to Hatchin is a show I started watching back in 2008 but since I didn’t actually watch much anime at the time, I ended up never continuing up with it. That was always something I did regret until now.

I ended up falling in love with a lot of side, characters of the week. Rita and the boy who liked her, Feliciano the diva actor, Mei the crossdressing star, Lenine who had lost his memory, Pepe who wanted to help her sister. Even though they played such small parts for such a small amount of time, they remained in my mind for the rest of the series. Originally, I had watched episode four on my flight back from LA and had been kind of upset when I realized I didn’t have episode five. I guess I had expected something to work out, that Pepe would help her sister and the end of the episode was just a fluke and she hadn’t been shot. When I started episode five a few days later, I was shocked that was it and also at myself for expecting a happy ending in a series that makes no promises that there will be.

That’s the kind of world the story tries to show you. The show tries to build it up to show that no one can be trusted and though someone may do something you consider immoral, it’s just because they’ve got to look out for their own selves and business. Hatchin critizes Michiko for this but as the series goes on, that starts to stop. The problem with showing this to be a gritty, realistic world is that it’s filled with such morons that it’s hard to take it seriously that way. Every goon is an idiot and Michiko beats most of them up. It would have been easier for a lot of people to shoot her when they had the chance (and they did). I guess that is true for 90% of action series though.

That isn’t to say Michiko isn’t awesome though. I love her. She’s a great protagonist. Morally ambitious and not particularly a good person but not annoyingly so. I mean, it’s hard not to root for her. She’s badass through and through. Saving a guy about to plummet to his death with only her teeth? Well it was a little out there but still awesome (plus if Mei would have died I would have been sad). Plus she did care about Hatchin a lot even if she showed it with a little bit of violence and fighting.

Atsuko was a side character but she was really interesting. She was torn between doing her job, the methods she could use to do her job (working with gangs) and wanting to capture Michiko as well as her history with her. She was hellbent on catching Michiko and I guess it defined her but she deviated from that path. She failed and let her go (purposely) multiple times and suffered the consequences without complaining. Eventually she decides to forget about their past and treat Michiko as a stranger. How in the world she kept her job so long is beyond me.

My least favourite episode was the one where Michiko almost has an affair with the hairdresser’s husband. It was boring and seemed out of character for her. It did start to show the nature of her devotion to Hiroshi though. It was clear, as every other character pointed out, that he didn’t really care about her though and so it made this even more sad as time went on.

I don’t know what I was expecting from the ending. Hiroshi didn’t deserve either of them. He really didn’t. I kind of wanted Michiko to realize that and she and Hatchin just continued on their way, avoiding the law and being badasses together. That isn’t what happened. Instead, Michiko sent Hatchin off with her dad (who Hatchin had only met a few hours ago), turns herself in and then bam time skip, Hatchin has a kid. It was cute seeing Hatchin and her baby though.

I definitely enjoyed the ride but not the destination that Michiko to Hatchin gave me. We never found out who Hatchin’s mother was, nor did the real significance of those tattoos (who gives a baby a tattoo anyways) ever come up. There was a lot that felt left open and unresolved. But I still enjoyed it for the most part. I wouldn’t say the show is great (entertaining for sure) but I think it deserves a lot more attention than it gets.

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