Great Vocaloid Tracks You Can Buy From North American iTunes

I’ve had this post done for awhile but since it’s Miku’s birthday, I guess I’ll post it today. Even if Miku only appears once.

It can sometimes be difficult to support Vocaloid producers. A lot eventually have their own albums or are in included in Exit Tunes compilations (though I hate on ET a lot for that). However more and more Vocaloid tracks are becoming available on iTunes, including in North America. Of course, yeah, I hate iTunes as much as the next guy but sometimes you run out of options. There are a lot of more popular songs like Meltdown, Romeo & Cinderella, Just Be Friends, Thousand Sakura and mothy’s series but here are a few of my favourites that I would reccomend.

Shokubai Phantom Girl feat. GUMI – My Crush Was a Monster Boy (Buy)

I absolutely love this song. From the moment I heard it and saw the PV, I can listen to it nonstop without ever getting tired of it. Shokubai Phantom Girl is still a relatively new producer but I’d love to hear more from them. I can’t say there aren’t other Vocarock songs I like but something about SPG’s songs are refreshing.

KEMU feat. GUMI – Jinsei Reset Button (Buy)

KEMU is a producer I think I could really like. I actually mistook Jinsei Reset Button for a Jin (see below) song the first time I heard it. They both have a similar sound. I’d really like to listen to some more of his stuff though when I have the time.

YM feat. GUMI – Ten Faced (Buy)

OK so maybe there is a bit of a GUMI bias here. But can you blame me? She’s great and she has great songs. I’ve actually talked about how much I love this song already. I love it a lot! It’s another one of those songs I can listen to nonstop and never get tired of. It’s incredibly catchy and fun. (iTunes lists it as Ten Faces but I’ve always known it as Ten Faced so we’re going with that here)

monaca feat. GUMI – Rosetta (Buy)

I will append the title to this post to “10 Great GUMI tracks” if it helps. I’m surprised this track is as old as it is. The single on iTunes actually has a few other songs on it for 99 cents as well but Rosetta is by far the best song. monaca:factory has a full album on iTunes (including Mermaid which is another cute GUMI track and Jellyfish which is a nice, calm Miku track) that features a remix of Rosetta by Wowaka (Rolling Girl, World’s End Dancehall) that’s pretty good but underwhelming for something involving Wowoka.

sasakure.UK feat. Miku Hatsune – The Trash Heap Princess and Apostrophe (Buy)

I guess sasakure.UK is already a pretty popular artist but I just love this song. sasakure.UK has the wonderful ability to cryptically tell a story in a short song and still tug at your heart. Which is why I loved Campanella so much.  The album this on (The Fantastic Reality of Aesop) is actually really good in general. It features a mix of VOCALOIDs and Utaite vocalists.

Yucha-P feat. GUMI – Poker Face (Buy)

Yucha-P is the same producer who did the fantastic song, Uso to Diamond. It’s a very plain song on it’s own but the use of GUMI’s voice is amazing and the most realistic I’ve ever heard it. I’m still waiting for someone to tell me it’s not actually her singing. Poker Face is a much, much catchier song than Uso to Diamond though.

Jin feat. IA – Toumei Answer (Buy)

I was just gushing about this album around the end of May. Make no mistake then. I’m not just reccomending this one track but the whole album. It features Kagerou Days, Kisaragi Attention, Konoha no Sekai Jijou, Headphone Actor, Imagination Forest and Jinzou Enemy. Toumei Answer is another popular(ish) song by Jin but one I haven’t taken notice to until now which is a real shame.

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