DECO*27 – Love Calender

Album Name: Love Calender
Artist/Circle: DECO*27
Release Date: 07/25/12

  1. 1+1=1
    Unimpressive little intro that only lasts a minute. Topi is our vocalist and she does most of the tracks on the album. Nice lead in to the next song.
  2. RT
    It’s a nice little twist is that DECO himself joins in on a few. Such as this one. He has a really nice voice but I like him better when he’s doing backup vocals and singing with a female vocalist. I just don’t think his voice is strong enough on it’s own and he does auto-tune it a lot. That being said, Topi is the perfect vocalist to compliment him. I believe I’ve seen a cover of one of his songs they did together before. The chorus is really good but the rest of the song is kind of weird. It feels like it should be more energetic but it really isn’t.
  3. Taking Sweet Shelter
    Shoko Nagakawa! Shokotan! I LOVE Shokotan! She’s just so interesting and I love her as a vocalist too. And she’s what sells this song for me. If it had been Topi I don’t think I would have liked it as much. Which isn’t anything against Topi. I just don’t think her voice has as much energy. The chorus is really catchy. The song itself is really sweet. The album is about one couple (if you watch the PVs for the songs on this album such as this song and Egomama you can see it’s the same two characters every time) so that isn’t really surprising.
  4. Egomama -album mix-
    One of the four tracks that get an album mix. It does make a little bit of a difference. Marina’s vocals don’t feel as powerful in the chorus as they did originally though. Egomama (I’ve seen the title as Ego Selfish and I think that is the correct translation but it’s too late for me to change) is one of the few newer DECO*27 tracks that I adore. I’ve admitted time and time again that I miss his Vocaloid stuff. Especially the GUMI stuff. His newer, non-Vocaloid stuff has seemed fluffier and less interesting, but Aimai Elegy and Egomama were just as exciting as Shinkai Summit or Moziac Roll. Well, that might just be his style in general now. Time to stop living in the past!
  5. Light Lag -album mix-
    For the reason listed above, I could never really enjoy Light Lag. However as soon as this started playing it made me really happy. This mix makes the song for me. Light Lag is probably the best Topi song you can ask for. The chorus, specifically the beginning, has always been really nice. As I said earlier, the PV feautures the album’s couple and is extremely sweet.
  6. 27 
    The track 27 is sung by DECO*27 himself. Haha, well done there. As I said, I think his voice sounds better accompanying someone else. It’s not strong enough to stand it’s own in a track like this.
  7. Sandglass -album mix-
    It always surprises me that Topi can handle a song like this. Maybe I underestimate her a bit. But she does a fantastic job. It’s one of the few rock tracks on the album and it’s easily one of the best tracks.
  8. Care-Taking Guardian
    A new (?) Marina track? I hadn’t expected that. It’s actually got a nice part where they break it down and it’s completely different from the rest of the song. But the song is really fun in general. Marina’s singing very softly to belting out as loud as she can was also really nicely done.
  9. Love Distance Long Affair -album mix-
    Another song I was never initially fond of. Unlike Light Lag, my opinion doesn’t change much here. I’ve just never found anything memorable about this track at all.
  10. Heart’s Homing Instinct
    Our vocalist is Aoi Yuuki. Which was a big surprise! I know she had started doing music but seeing her work with DECO was a treat. She really is cute though. I don’t know if she suits this song very well though. Because the song is really cool but sometimes she sounds too cute for it.
  11. Constellation For Two
    A little nice to go back to Topi? Maybe. The intro to the song is good but the rest of the song is very flat and as routine as track nine is.
  12. Voice and Voice
    An actual ballad which is uncharaecteristic for DECO*27. However Topi does a great job and it’s very heartfelt sounding, especially at the end. I don’t care four the acoustics in it but otherwise a really lovely song.
  13. Ai Kotoba -Piano Parallel Mix-
    Ai Kotoba has always been a pretty song but I’ve never been obsessed with it like some people.

Fang’s Rating:


As I said, I miss DECO*27’s old days but this is still a good album on it’s own for the most part. A few tracks are absolutely stellar while a few are really boring to me. Shokotan appearing is definitely the highlight of this album though. The idea of the album is really nice too and it’s nice to see how the characters in PVs released months and months ago are actually a part of one big story. I’d like to sit down one day, look at all the lyrics and summarize the progression of their relationship because DECO*27 has crafted a very wonderful sounding love story for us.
Recommended tracks: 3, 5, 7


  • 20BuckCans

    August 8, 2012

    It might just be me but I think this new album mix of Egomama is awful. He mixed the drums differently (most noticeable is the snare being way too fucking loud), the old synth bass > the new slap bass, and he did something to the vocals I can’t out my finger on.

  • Fang-tan

    August 8, 2012

    I wouldn’t say awful but I really don’t like it. The drums bothered me a lot too though so I completely understand what you’re saying.

    I liked this mix of Light Lag a lot more but Egomama was just ugh.

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