Kagerou Project Anime Announced


Well when I mentioned the possibility of a Kagerou Days anime I didn’t think it would happen any time soon. Apparently though in the single for Children’s Record, an anime has been green-lit. Not entirely surprising since there is a manga and light novel adaption but both are so new that I have to assume it’s going to be awhile until it comes out. There aren’t any details on the anime as far as I know (but the single booklet does provide some additional information on the characters of the series, if you can find a translation) but it’s still pretty exciting news. I’m hoping he says something officially about it though so I can continue being outrageously excited without fear that this really won’t come into fruition.

Hopefully the series is a success. I’d really love some nice figures of the female characters. Mary is really cute after all. I also think it would be great if they used IA in one of the opening or endings. Lia would be a nice callback to that if they don’t but since Black Rock Shooter used Miku in the opening (once again, best part of that show) then I don’t think it’s impossible.

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