[c82] Yuuhei Satellite – Senka Ryouran

Yuuhei Satellite is actually probably my favourite Touhou circle right now. That might be that I really love Senya. They do the music for those Memory of Phantasm PVs that are always pretty nice.

Album Name: Senka Ryouran
Artist/Circle: Yuuhei Satellite
Release Date: 08/11/12
Website: http://www.yuuhei-satellite.jp/

  1. 千華繚乱
    I’ve only ever liked Lunatic Princess in it’s original form. Arrangements always end up being pretty boring for me. Unfortunately, that ends up the case here. The little guitar section near the end was nice but piano is overdone as a choice for this song so I think that might be why this wasn’t that good.
  2. Little Ringo
    Were people doing so many arrangements of Bad Apple before Alstroemeria Records blew it up? I can’t really remember. Well the song structure is pretty solid so most arrangements are nice and routine. Which is fine I guess because I actually like Alstroemeria Records Bad Apple but  for the vocals. That being said, I adore this arrangement. I love Senya’s vocals normally so I like the mix of her regular sound and a more autotuned sound.
  3. 色は匂へど 散りぬるを (Loud mix)
    The first Memories of Phantasm opening. There isn’t much different about this mix though. I noticed the guitar in the background a little more but since it’s faint I wouldn’t really say that was it.
  4. 手のひらピアニッシモ
    Another  re-arrangement of a much older track. The original was pure electornic but this one mixes in violin and accoustic guitar and it sounds really good. Well actually, it should sound really good. But the electronic pop part of the song still overpowers the newly added acoustic elements. If they could have been balanced a little better this could have ended up sounding a lot better.
  5. 幽閉サテライトメドレー Type:Iceon
    Now tracks 5-7 are extremely cool as a fan of this group. Yuuhei Satellite is primarily comprised of Senya as the vocalist with Autobahn, deitarabotchi (でいたらぼっち) and Iceon doing arrangements and composition. These three tracks are done by each arranger and are a mashup of songs from their previous albums. I think that is such a cool idea.
  6. 幽閉サテライトメドレー Type:でいたらぼっち
    deitarabotchi’s mix is a little bit longer than Autobahn’s and Iceon’s but features a lot of inbetween and new mixing where Iceon’s just seemed like pure mashup. That being said, I really do like how this done. Iceon’s was good but this one is just a lot more interesting to hear.
  7. 幽閉サテライトメドレー Type:Autobahn
    Autobahn takes the same approach as deitarabotchi but it doesn’t end up sounding as good. deitarabotchi managed to match Senya’s vocals to what he was trying to do a lot better. Still sounds good, just not as much as track six.
  8. 月に叢雲華に風 (PV ver.)
    A short version of one of the Memories of Phantasm tracks. The full version was released at C80.
  9. 華鳥風月 (PV ver.)
    A short version (the short version is 3:00 minutes long, the full version is 5:50)  of one of the Memories of Phantasm tracks. The full version was released at Reitaisai 9.

Fang’s Rating:


The three mashup tracks might be better enjoyed by people who like Yuuhei Satellite as it is though Autobahn and deitarabotchi’s arranges are a little different from what you can normally expect from the group. That aside, a little disappointed by the lack of fresh stuff but since what they gave us was still good, I can’t complain.
Recommended tracks: 2, 6, 7

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