Exit Trance presents Speed Anime Trance Best 16

Album Name: Exit Trance presents Speed Anime Trance Best 16
Artist/Circle: EXIT TUNES (Quake Records)
Release Date: 09/05/2012
Website: http://9819.jp/cd/exit_tunes/qwce00244.html

  1. 太陽曰く燃えよカオス
    Nyaruko is pretty popular so this isn’t very surpising, I suppose. One of the few vocalist combinations that aren’t absolutely godawful on this album. Which is probably because both PRIM and PXJ are MAKI?
  2. 明日への帰り道
    The song itself is pretty decent and has, at the very least, a really good intro. Vocals are really underwhelming though. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because, as I said, some end up terrible. Still it would have been nicer if they had picked one stronger vocalist instead of two softer ones.
  3. パラダイム
    Ah, YURiE. I can always count on you, can’t I? (Actually, I say that and I do recall a track she did the vocals for that I thought was atrocious at the time) Hommarju… really though. It’s actually good for what it is. I don’t recall the original being a very memorable song but despite that I really like this one.
    SYNCHROGAZER is one of my favourite songs to come out of this year. I used to be all burnt out on Nana Mizuki and this made me like her again. So, compared to her energetic and powerful vocals mi-mi falls flat. Well, to be fair, I generally cringe when I see mi-mi’s name attatched to a song. They’re better than usual but there are some parts where she just sounds really bad (such as at the beginning). The song is pretty straight forward and doesn’t deviate much from the original (I’ll talk smack about Hommarju a lot but at least he tries something different, even if it ends up badly).
    Yumemi’s vocals are so wobbly here that I can’t tell if it’s endearing or annoying. The whole song is full of energy though and the chorus is pretty catchy so if I ignore the vocals, it’s decent overall.
  6. 空は高く風は歌う
    I was excited for Fate Zero S2 songs and I was happy to see Icon doing them but I wasn’t pleased with this result. The song itself sounds great but, once again, the vocals aren’t matching it and match the original tempo of the song so it’s really disjointed. I think making them a little more urgent and fast paced sounding would have done wonders because the song itself is really, really good but it ends up sounding terrible because the vocals cast such a terrible contrast.
    I’m still bitter about all those damned Saki’s ruining my glorious Saimoe but IU digress, I shall put my personal feelings aside. This is one of the best tracks yet. Vocals are madoka and R.Cena. I can’t think of anything madoka has done before but they both sound really good together.
  8. 絵空事
    When it came to Sankarea, having the Annabel weakness that I do, I liked the ED far more than the OP. Esoragoto actually got on my nerves for awhile. The vocalist, 慧, does a good job mimicing the original vocals from nano.RIPE but without the tone that bothered me so much. Hommarju plays it pretty safe this time too.
  9. LET’S GO!スマイルプリキュア!
    It’s been 16 volumes so maybe it’s understandable to have trouble remembering but I can’t think of another Precure song in a SATB release. 慧 returns as a vocalist and so does mi-mi. Sigh. mi-mi sounds good later on in the song when she adds a more mature sounding tone compared to 慧 but again during the smile~ parts she sounds bad. Other than that, they make a nice team. As nice as a team with mi-mi can be, that is.
  10. HOW TO GO
    I was REALLY surprised when I saw this in the tracklist. I love love love me some UN-GO music so I was happy. But really, what an odd time to add this. Hommarju gets to play around, as per usual, and it actually works. Kind of. Mizuki is fine as a vocalist, just a little upstaged by the music. She doesn’t put enough umpf~ into the chorus either though.
  11. to the beginning
    The Fate Zero S2 OP, so even though the ED ended up messed up we could still have hope. Vocalists are R.Cena and Natsuhi. One of them sounds kind of weird at the beginning (I’m inclined to say Natsuhi) and it throws it off but they sound better as it goes on. Flash Back Dominant is responsible for the song and it’s actually really good. Again, though, the vocals don’t seem to match up to the really well done song. It’s not as bad as in track 5 since FBD seemed to work around them and so it still ends up better than the previous Fate Zero track.
    I look back to the days when I didn’t like Latte and am happy they have passed. Perhaps a bit too late if Latte only has one track on this album. She has definitely improved though. Song by Dizzi Mystica is pretty average though.
    Natsuhi doesn’t sound that bad here. Plus another Icon track. This one suits him a bit better since it isn’t as slow paced as the Fate Zero track. I really loved the addition of piano since in the original, I don’t recall it ever being that prominent. It’s kind of so out there though that it’s jarring? Works for me but I realize it was a bit off.
    R.Cena wouldn’t be my first choice for a May’n song but ok. She doesn’t deliver the chorus with the same punch as the original but y’know, again, May’n.
    Another R.Cena and Natsuhi track. They sound much, much better this time. They’re in unison and that compliments both of them much better than the Smile Precure track did.
    I was happy to see Icon again but the vocalists had me worried. mi-mi, si-na and Natsuhi. Huh. They really aren’t in harmony at all. The chorus sounds so over the place that it’s hard to complain about any just one. Natsuhi stands out and I think si-na sounds a little like RieKugi? That might just be my impression. Well, in anycase. They don’t mesh well at all. It’s not so bad during the rest of the song but during the chorus they’re all over the place.
    Yeah def si-na going for that cutesy RieKugi sound. It doesn’t sound bad though. Both the song and her vocals are pretty nice until they mess with her voice or during the piercing Happy Happy Girl parts.
  18. 白金ディスコ
    Ah, Platinum Disco. This sounded pretty bad in the preview but so did a lot of things. I think R.Cena does a wonderufl job on vocals but she doesn’t match the original very much at all. Icon kind of just does his own thing too and it doesn’t sound very good. The thing about Platinum Disco is that it’s just so stupidly catchy and all the charm of the original was completely lost here.

Fang’s Rating:


Good tracklist and good songs make me care more and there are some really good ones here. Vocally sounding more and more ameatuer than when SATB started. I always credited the series to at least sounding good vocally but the new main vocalists have really ruined that. Both F/Z tracks had a really good sound to them but still ended up kinda badly to me, ruining at least one track I was excited for.
Recommended tracks: 7, 10, 14

(On a related note, I’ve started a page detailing information on some of the Exit Trance artists. I plan to make sure it’s completely up to date as well as, eventually, listing each SATB artist’s exact album apperance.)


  • MelancholyArtist

    September 27, 2012

    I have to agree with you, most of the tracks sound amazing except for the vocal work, especially Platinum Disco D:, yeah Its catchy but we have to admit that R.Cena doesnt make a good work as a loli singer /=. My favorite tracks are 3, 8, 13 BTW =P

  • Diziyyuki

    September 28, 2012

    Actually, for tracks 9 and 16, R.cena is the real vocalist and not mi-mi . they f’ed up the tracklist again.

    I thought the album was pretty decent. I miss it when the songs were actually…trance, but I still cling to a couple tunes here and there. I do really like the new vocalists in this album. (especially mizuki, madoka, and 慧)

  • Fang-tan

    September 29, 2012

    @MelancholyArtist Hopefully a few of these get released on the few ‘intrumental’ releases they do but I always forget to check those so welp.

    @Dizi Really? The site itself lists mi-mi though? If so though that changes a lot and I have to rethink everything.

  • Diziyyuki

    September 30, 2012

    Yeah, they mentioned it on their wiki page, and it makes sense because the vocals were very R.Cena-y. They’ve done it before on SATB 14.

  • Fang-tan

    October 1, 2012

    @Dizi Ugh, I’ll have a relisten then and change this after I guess

  • pspost

    May 20, 2013

    08 Esoragoto is realy great, better than original, voice is a bit more mature and clear.

    Sometimes I think you downrate the recent Exit Trance releases, but anyway thanks for reviews.

  • Fang-tan

    May 21, 2013

    @pspost – nano.RIPE is really hit or miss, imo.

    Downrate? I’m a bit disenchanted with them and go in expecting the worst so I usually have a negative feeling when I start. If that’s the case, why am I still waiting for these releases?

    But yes I kind of think I’ve been too harsh on them lately.

  • pspost

    May 21, 2013

    Hehe, I can say I’ve been disenchanted since CAMRY left, now it seems Morinaga did too…

  • Fang-tan

    May 23, 2013

    Yeah, I hadn’t really realized there weren’t any MAKI tracks for a long time. At least she’s still with Exit Tunes at least?

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