Fall 2012 First Impressions

I didn’t do a final impressions for summer because I only ended up watching three shows and really had nothing to say about them other than I had no energy to watch any of them. Natsuyuki Rendezvous started off good but I didn’t know who to care about or why I even should and though the ending was kind of expected, it still seemed really messed up. Utakoi was a cute show and I did enjoy it, I just didn’t have any motivation to watch it at all. I appreciated the gag episode in the middle though. Saving best for last, Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita. Such a good show. Y was my favourite, for obvious (Sawashiro) reasons. It was such a clever and unique show and while there are a few things I could blather on about in it, I feel as if enough smarter people have probably said them better than I.

But here we are and it’s time for the fall season and there are A TON of shows I want to watch. I know myself pretty well and this number will, unfortunately, dwindle down and then I’ll be super disappointed that I didn’t watch ALL of these shows but alas, it cannot be helped.

Shin Sekai Yori: leaning towards no, will watch it when finished
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun: natsumeeeeee
Kamisama Kiss: continuing
Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!: maybe


Shin Sekai Yori

I had been iffy about this show. I was aware the novel had recieved many accolades and is apparently very good but it wasn’t until I read the short interview posted on ANN that I was really interest. Specifically it was, the line “claimed to be impossible to adapt to cinema due to its one-of-kind, grand story depicting a world brimming with imagination and overwhelming breadth”. Yet here we are and someone is bravely adapting it. That got my expectations up. Well, when someone says it would be impossible to adapt it kind of makes me assume that they will fail and whatever was so good about the original novel will be lost in this adaption. The first episode kind of backed that up but I’m not really counting that against the show. I don’t think it’s that uncommon for a first episode to be really confusing and then the next episode to help clear things up.

It was just jumping between scenes that got me. It seemed like Saki had given up her powers so I assumed that everybody just gave up their powers to avoid something like the very first scene. The very first scene was really cool except the blurring of the entire screen sort of ruined it and hurt my eyes a bit. I wanted to think it was just censorship even though nothing particularly gory happened and it won’t be as blurry on later releases. But anyways, no, Saki still has her powers and goes to a school with all her friends who also have powers and they do stuff with their powers. Nothing really happens. I mean, nothing really happens yet. Stuff is going to go down and it’s going to be intense, if the trailers are any indication. Instead we’re treated to a few intrigues. One of Saki’s friend’s mention that they learned something from someone but couldn’t remember who. So we’re hinted that someone disappeared or something. That someone is likely Saki’s sibling, as she overhears her mom talking about losing another child. Because if you’re aren’t that great with your psychic powers or don’t recieve them, you disappear (as one of their classmates was obviously going to do). So we get all that from the first episode.

I hope I’m given reason to care about any of these characters. Maria seemed ok enough but Satoru was pretty annoying by the end of the episode. I didn’t find Saki (I was surprised her seiyuu was a newcomer since she sounded really familliar) very interesting at all. There just wasn’t very much likeable about her. I hope that changes and it could be that she didn’t have that much to do yet but I have a feeling things are only going to get worse for everybody so if she’s already angsting and it’s already this unplesant, I don’t know if I’ll be able to enjoy her as main character for very long. (Though their is a timeskip in the future, I believe, and maybe that will help improve things for her character)

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Three shoujos in one season? They could have spaced it out a bit. That being said, I already have one shoujo for Monday and that is Kamisama Kiss. Despite that, I was interested in this. The other shoujo airing this season really lost my attention after I saw the trailer and it looked like the same melodrama of Kimi ni Todoke without the cuteness. So, of the three, I think this one will be the best. That being said, I am most excited for Kamisama Kiss because I only watched and read Fruits Basket this summer.

Same old, same old. Outcast girl has the attention of a boy who stands out for some reason. Unlike popular Usui or Kazehaya, Haru is just infamous. For a shoujo male protag, Haru is actually really good (and while male protags in these are always a little creepy, he’s a little more obvious about it). The norm seems to be cool and aloof, standoffish or tsundere and rude. There is a mixture and those that aren’t but he’s just so silly and awkward that it’s fun to watch (such as starting to undress and his reaction). Shizuku is more like Misaki from Maid-sama but without being a super ridiculously cute maid or tsundere.

While I thought the setup was ridiculously cliche at first, I did like how Haru fell for her. She helped him realize something that was hard for him to face. Plus, Shizuku is not an emotionally open person by nature and we’re able to see that very clearly so her expression when she went up to Haru’s ‘friends’ was what really made me like her. She is pretty boring though.

I did enjoy the first episode it just left a bad taste in my mouth. Like it was wrong to enjoy it. But I couldn’t figure out why. Have I just matured to a point where I realize some of (most of) the stuff in shoujo is creepy to a degree? Is Kaibutsu-kun just more obvious about it? Not obvious or self-aware enough to be parodying it, just… out there? It sort of happened with the rape line and I was hoping that was a liberal translation of his threat but I don’t really know. (But why is that more unnerving than the other protags who just steal kisses and do less threatening but still actual 100% harrasment kind of things?) Well, hopefully I can bring myself to watch the next episode next week and hopefully it picks up steam.

(Okay, disregarding everything I said and my apprehension towards watching another episode, Natsume is the most adorable, perfect little thing and I may very well watch this show just for her)

Kamisama Kiss

Came out on Monday but subs didn’t show up until now. Also came with the disclaimer that they might not continue so hopefully subs aren’t completely consistent. Maybe I need to check my popular show watching privilege because I am not used to a non-ova or web show not having subs immediately and it was not a pleasant experience at all.

Our first shoujo show riled everybody up so this one should surely prove to be a lighter affair. First thing I noticed was the animation. For some reason it reminds me of Aishiteruze Baby except only clean and not horrible. Nanami looks really pretty and nice but the guys look… I don’t know. Odd looking. The OP really was pretty cute though. Mostly Nanami doing a bunch of cute things and the bishounen barely show up at all.

Starting off like Hayate, Nanami’s father has a hardcore gambling addiction and totally leaves her and like her predecessor Tohru she has no place to stay. I want to compare this to Fruits Basket because they’re both by the same author but Fruits Basket has such an emphasis on family that made it stand out for me, rather than a reverse harem (with an emphasis on home). Which this leans more towards. I’m also a little reminded of Zakuro because there are small annoying demons who I’m going to premeptively dislike even though these two aren’t that annoying… yet. I do like that Nanami can hear the prayers she receives and has to help with that. While I think the prayer of the week format will get old quickly, I hope this show ends up being around 24 episodes. It was funny. It reminded me of Maid-sama with the cute, stylish female designs (though I always loved Maid-sama’s female cast and that seems to be lacking here) and I could really use a show like that. Maid-sama S2 would be fine too.

Tomoe has some ways to go before he can be an interesting protag in my books (though breaking his cool during the “say just one” thing was pretty ok) but I already really like Nanami. She repeated the “normal highschool girl” line a bit much but went with the supernatural flow sort of easily, albeit with a lot of shrieking. Luckily her seiyuu isn’t too hard on the ears so that wasn’t too much of a problem either. Plus it was nice how she got Tomoe to do her bidding. Rather than fall into a mess (well she sort of did) or have him enter the contract on his own, she was like hell no to grovelling and made that male protag her bitch. I respect that.

Also, Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita episode two had PRETENSILE HAIR and oh my god do I ever love prehensile hair (and I was a little sad when it was just for that episode) but do you know what my other secret love is? AQUATIC PEOPLE. Mermaids or just anybody… fishy. I love them! It’s a weakness. And when I saw the fish guy in the opening I completely lost it. If I didn’t already enjoy this (bland male protag aside and half the episode seeming like Nanami running), I would keep watching just for him.

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

I wasn’t going to watch this but everybody on twitter would not shut up about it. It was actually really good. Well, I didn’t expect anything else. I knew it was going to be good. I just didn’t really care. But, alas, I did not watch Hyouka last season and regretted that immensely.

I’m kind of weary. I’m afraid Rikka’s charm will wear off and that won’t stop it from being a boring harem (though braid twirling girl was pretty cute). Chuu2Koi reminds me of Haruhi in a ton of ways and yeah that is a pretty obvious comparison. That was my initial reaction but after watching I was actually really glad KyoAni did Nichijou first. There were so many scenes that reminded me of Nichijou and I feel that if they hadn’t done Nichijou first, those scenes wouldn’t have been done that way and they wouldn’t have been as funny (the bouncing around the nurse’s office was one).

Continued in part two

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