I thought ‘oh great, a Black Star episode…’

I was mistaken. Just because there was Tsubak did not make it a BS episode. Considering I thought Tsubaki was surprisingly moe (for a shounen series anyways) last episode, I’m fine with it.

Haha, the part with the old guy was ‘do not want’. But Tsubaki had some cute expressions. I’m starting to like her I think.

This show continues to suprise me. Contrary to what I said, this was partly too a Black Star episode. I had NOT been expecting to find out about his past too. But learning about slightly less popular characters makes them more lovable, right? Seeing the way Black Star was treated was kinda sad actually.

This episode, to me, seemed to impose a new set of dynamics in the weapon/master relationship. Is the Fey Blade the only weapon that could be entered? Could Maka enter Soul and see the reflection of who he was? And if so, if messing around there, would any damage be done to the weapon? Because if the weapon inside itself lost then would the master who went inside be trapped? Or is it like the statement would it put the weapon’s body into a vegetated state? The master as well? I suppose the master could very well leave before the weapon collapsed on itself but that might undo the battle. It was also interesting how Tsubaki, a weapon, could summon herself as a weapon there. So maybe, can only weapons enter weapons? Or am I just getting it waaaaay wrong?

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  • angel

    May 23, 2010

    personally that was my fave episode XD

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