Fall 2012 First Impressions Part 2

Split the original post in two, since it did get a bit long.

Zetsuen no Tempest: Hakaze is the best
Jormungand: Perfect Order: in it to win it
Robotics;Notes: doing it for Nae, doing it for Nae
Psycho-Pass: maybe, at least it isn’t R;N

Zetsuen no Tempest

I had to pick between two shows featuring Sawashiro and a bunch of dudes and this seemed like the lesser of two evils. I mean, Sawashiro aside, I adored Hakaze from the very second she got out of that barrel. So it’s good we have one character who is interesting. Because Yoshino is not. I’ve always disliked characters who are aloof and unfeeling and don’t really connect to other people. Yoshino seems like that exactly. Which is really boring for me. Fuwa isn’t much better except his obsession with his sister’s death at least gives him some kind of motivation, even if he is kind of a dick. So neither of them are that likable. I’m curious what role Yoshino’s girlfriend will play. They went out of their way to mention her so I’m sure she’s going to be important.  I had kind of thought it was Aika based on the picture in his message but then we find out she’s dead so not much left in that line of thought. So his girlfriend was/is Aika. Huh. Okay then.

I actually really liked the atmosphere this episode gave off. Once again, like Shin Sekai Yori, I had no idea what was going on or who these characters are, what their backstories are or their connections but I think I’m supposed to care except I just don’t know why yet. Which is understandable and, like I said before, common enough for first episodes. It’s just a little narrative that actually contributed to understanding or appreciating the characters would be nice. Like Shin Sekai Yori, time is kind of all over the place. We see Fuwa with Aika but it turns out Aika has been dead for at least ten months. Add a month, since Fuwa has been missing. By the end you get the jist of it. People shouldn’t die when they are killed because that makes their brothers sad. Also magic is bad. That’s about it.

The animation is really nice though. The character designs are very plain (I want to compare them to Guilty Crown but I can’t because that is a terrible idea) but the animation is so nice that it doesn’t matter. I like the snow out of nowhere. It made everything seem so dreary and that really fit the mood of the show, I guess. The music was a little bit too grand for some scenes. When they were just talking, it was a little distracting. The OP is really plain and it looks like we’re going to get some cool action scenes but that’s about it. Nothing too invigorating or enthralling looking, really.

Everybody turning to metal was pretty lame I guess. I would have expected a cooler catastrophe or disease. I guess turning to metal wouldn’t be fun it just didn’t look as cool or frightening as one would hope. But it seems like there is a possibility of everybody going back to normal (especially since the theme here seems to be setting things right again) so at least it makes sense.

But really I don’t expect that much from this show. Yoshino probably killed her, leading to a fight between Yoshino and Fuwa or whatever I mean if I actually bothered to figured out what the original story was about, I’d know but I am way too lazy for that.

Jormungand Perfect Order

Despite having so many shows to watch, I didn’t really question watching Jormungand at all. The first season wasn’t anything to write home about but it had some charm and despite there only being one season between now and the first season, it felt like an old friend was returning. I guess in your action shows you don’t really want charm though.

This is really an episode 13 more than anything. We’re still dealing with Karen who is displaced after her beloved boss is murdered by Valmet at the end of the last season. Karen shoots her and all that, of course. Dr. Miami finds Karen and employs her. To be honest, I found Karen working for the doctor to be really… I don’t know… kind of cute, really. Scaring away Scarecrow (Chocolade looked so professional!) and trying to be a responsible secretary for Miami, not to mention mirroring Valmet being called off by Koko, it was all just really endearing.

Like I said at some point during the last season, I’m afraid that the climax of the second season (since the manga is finished and the show can end the same way, I imagine) will be Jonah turning on Koko or something to that effect. I still think that’d be really cliche and the first scene in the opening (which is in NO WAY even almost as good as the first opening by Mami Kawada) has them facing (off) each other so it kind of made me remember that concern. Continuing on, Jonah is already distrusting Koko and with good reason, given what he’s seen. The following scene with “No matter how the world changes, you’ll stay with me, right?” and Miami’s words about the world changing are looking like some pretty hokey foreshadowing and furthering my Jonah-kills-Koko worries. Though maybe mirroring the end of season one, Koko will be killed by an outside party (Hex, probably) and Jonah will avenge her. Either way, while the drama in this show has never been of any real import to the main characters  I have a tough time decided what a happy ending would entail for Koko and/or Jonah.

That all said and done with, it felt like barely anything happened but I was kind of at the edge of my seat? Hex is such an interesting character and while Jormungand did have a lot of interesting characters, they were all killed off. Hex, however, looks to be an antagonist for the long run (but watch me be wrong about this and all this hype leads to nothing).  Hopefully things pick up again quickly though and we don’t have to sit through  a couple ‘deal of the week’ type episodes before Hex starts getting her murder on.


I gave up on Steins;Gate after two episodes. It was a big mistake. Months later, I marathoned the show in one day and it was the best day. Rewatching it a couple weeks ago was just as exciting. Steins;Gate is an amazing show with some fantastic character and scenes. Who can deny that? Chaos;Head was a bad show, I think we can all agree on that as well. I haven’t played the game so I don’t know if that is okay and it was just a terrible adaption.

This, however, is different from both of them but, hey guess what, it’s still kind of bad. That is my impression as of episode one. I could be wrong. I was so, so, so wrong about Steins;Gate and I’m trying to give this a chance (though didn’t we all go into this knowing it couldn’t be anywhere as close as how good Steins;Gate is?) but it’s going to be tough.

My problem is the main character. Kaito. He is the epitome of terrible protagonists. He doesn’t care about his club (though Aki likely roped him into it), he’s not enthusiastic and uninspired and only cares about playing video games. And despite his terrible and boring personality, he’s going to have a flock of girls clamoring to ride his dick. He is the worst. Sure, maybe he’ll become better and actually not be such a drain but I highly doubt it. I think what made Steins;Gate so great was that Okabe was such a likeable main character. But Kaito is boring and unlikeable. Well, as far as boring, generic wish fulfillment characters go he still isn’t as bad as Kirito, who arguably the biggest otaku wish fulfilment Mary Sue character there is. (Sword Art Online is bad and you should feel bad)


noitaminA and Sawashiro contribute to the reasons why I want to watch this but the biggest is Gen Urobuchi’s involvement. I think that is it for a lot of people. He knows how to twist the knife. He’s done it in Fate Zero and he’s done it in Madoka and I’m sure he’s done it in all the n+ games he’s been involved with. The problem is, I don’t know if I can really care about these characters enough to care when the inevitable horrible things start happening to them.

I was reminded of a lot of the little bit of GiTS I’ve seen (I used to only watch it when it was on TV so I could listen to Origa’s Inner universe). But I never really got into that and I don’t know if I can get into this. I’ve never enjoyed stoic action protagonists. So Shinya offers me nothing. Akane, despite being a little derpy looking, might be what does it for me. The whole show is going to be a lead up to breaking the cutie. I like her morality and the weakness that gives her. She’s going to lose it though. With Urobuchi involved, I think that will be an interesting trip on it’s own.

The plot isn’t really doing it for me though. I wasn’t really enthralled at any point during the episode. I hope there is some catalyst that sets a more interesting chain of events into effect (seriously hoping Shinya’s confrontation with A Bishounen is not the climax of the series) and soon. If not, getting a better scope of the world (preferably in the day time) and the future they live in would be nice. Fleshing things out would definitely help me enjoy the show better. Well, it was the first episode. They needed a hook to grab your attention. I definitely enjoyed this more than R;N (though two very different shows). The director said there’s no in between. The show is either really good and a success or it fails miserably for trying something different. Right now it doesn’t seem that different or special at all. That statement is more interesting than the show itself, really.

But hey, remember when we all thought Guilty Crown was going to be great?

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