“New Madoka Magica Show Considered After 3rd Film” Rant

I like Madoka, sure. I’ll admit that I was pretty bored around the second episode and was only really watching because it was the it thing at the time. Episode three happened and that’s when I was hooked. I guess that was the plan and it happened to a lot of people. I remember being at work and knowing spoilers were on twitter and it would drive me insane. It’s been one of the only shows I had to watch without subs just to see what was happening and find out what really happened later. I don’t care if you think it is or isn’t a deconstruction, if it’s deep and meaningful or if it’s overhyped, I found it above all else, enjoyable.

At least, it was enjoyable.

The trend of shows getting a movie seemed really prevalent lately. To be honest I don’t know how I feel about it. I enjoy watching anime movies a lot. They have a different feel about them. Of course, I’m the first to complain afterwards that the pacing was terrible. But in some cases it saves me time and trouble if it’s a recap. I especially liked what they did with Macross Frontier by giving it a definitive ending (well as definitive as that was). The Steins Gate movie sounds awesome though (Kurisu crying with Okabe’s labcoat, get hype) and I hope it features Maho Hiyajo in it. I even watched the TTGL movies very recently when I felt I needed a little Nia in my life. While I wouldn’t have minded watching the series over, it was a nice way to save time and move on quickly. Plus while I felt the second movies galaxy fight dragged on, EVERYBODY getting their own Gurren Lagann was pretty kickass. Movies that recap but add to the story? So. Good.

The Madoka movies, at first, sounded like a pretty neat thing. The first two are recaps but we also get a movie of new footage? Well that has got to be awesome, right? Especially since the last minute of the show was pretty confusing. So, sure. It was my understanding that Homura had a Madoka-y bow because she could no longer change time (a power Madoka no doubt removed so that Homura could stay put and be happy). So, okay, sure. I’ve read that the third movie is supposed to take place in a ‘reconstructed’ world, so one that is different from the one at the end of the show? So Sayaka is probably there, right? Let’s throw away that heartfelt scene between her and Madoka at the end, then.

I liked Madoka. When you like something, you often want to see more of it. So then why does it bother me so much that Gen Urobuchi was simply talking about a another (this time 2 cour) Madoka season? As well as potentially more movies? I feel like comparisons to Evangelion are justifiable here. Evangelion is 17 years old. Merchandise is still constantly produced and it is constantly in demand. Is Evangelion a classic? Sure, maybe. Does Madoka have potential to be a classic? Sure, maybe. And yeah, it makes sense to milk something that is insanely popular (kudos, though, to Aniplex to acknowledge that it’s popularity spreads across the world) but I feel like the integrity that Madoka had is going to be trampled on.

I’ve read a symposis for the third movie and it is very, very likely fake. Why? Well I haven’t seen twitter or tumblr in a tizzy over it. If that were true, I’d expect everyone to be flipping their lids. However, what I’ve heard of the teaser seemed kind of legit. Plus, Urobuchi confirmed that the staff who designed the witches in the first season are returning to design them in the third. So, Madoka’s ultimate sacrifice was for nothing, witches come back and Madoka sort of comes back and it’s going to be wild and crazy.

The adventure continues, so to speak.

I’ve heard speculation that Hitomi is a big part in helping this to happen. Given that she is mentioned in the trailer (supposedly, still waiting on some reliable confirmation about this) it may be possible. Which would be the stupidest thing, really.

I mean I don’t really know what I was expecting. The show was good enough resolution. There really isn’t anything that can happen that doesn’t result in Madoka returning and undoing any impact the end of the show had. And this is considering Rebellion Story only. What if they did get another season?

OK, I can at least admit a second season would be pretty cool if it featured different characters. Characters in a world filled with only demons would be boring since it was the witches who drew the eye originally. I feel like Madoka, Homura, Mami, Sayaka (well Sayaka is dead and apparently not even in the third movie), and Kyouko have all done their part and another season (a 24 episode one at that!) would be  really running it dry.

On the other hand, the characters from Kazumi Magica are abysmal and I can’t stand any of them so I hope it doesn’t involve them either. Maybe if some of those characters or Oriko or Kirika made a cameo or were at least in passing mention, I would be pleased though.

So yeah, while I’d undoubtedly watch more Madoka, I’m disappointed it could even possibly exist. But hey, nothing is set in stone yet. I’ll save my apprehension for an actual announcement. Besides, Urobuchi knows what he’s doing (I think) so maybe they won’t completely run the series into the ground. I guess I’ll hope at the very least since that is the Madoka thing to do.


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