Jormungand Episode 15

I said back in my first impressions of the season that I didn’t question watching Jormungand at all. The first season was okay and enjoyable so why not continue on? Season tro has exceeded the expectations set by the first season. Well, not that I really had any. Though I’d never have believed it if you had told me that in a season as good as this, that it’d be Jormungand I could barely stand the wait for.

I did think Hex was going to be a bigger antagonist but I guess it makes sense symbolically that she’d be taken out at the same time as R. Plus the way she went down was so big and over the top and such a perfect representation of Koko’s grief and anger that it wrapped the arc up perfectly. I’m unsure if Bookman will continue as the antagonist now since he lost both of his most prominent agents but that scene at the end (where he kind of seemed insane) implies he might be?

I also enjoyed the Koko we got to see in this episode. She’s usually calm and collected but she got her first wham moment when R revealed he was a spy and the second when she thought Jonah might die and it was going to be him or R. Even her telling R that it was fine and she wouldn’t tell anyone seemed very very slightly hysterical. If Jonah were to die, hypothetically since he might be the one who walks away from everything instead of her, she would snap like R thought she would. If she ordered an air strike to kill one person as revenge for R, I can’t imagine what she’d do to avenge Jonah.

We’re probably not going to find out Koko’s motives until the very end but I can’t wait. Telling Chinatsu before she was shot as well as R and Hex mentioning it in this episode has really hyped me up for that. Since Koko was worried about becoming a monster, I have to wonder if it’s something maybe good? Since Miami was there for the rockets and she didn’t want her technology to be used for wars. I’d like to believe that’s true but I’m not going to hold out for it. Still hoping it doesn’t come down to Jonah vs. Koko though.

(Also, while the week wait of each episode is terrible enough as it is, my love of the first soundtrack makes the wait until the end of December for the 2nd OST almost unbearable)

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