Zombie Loan #8+9

I knew this show was all about the yaoi. Well, maybe not directly (because there is, after all, some hot zombie-yuri-action in there too) but seriously. I’m standing on my own with Michiru X Chika. I think they’d be cute together. I also had suspicions about Shito turning evil (cue sentimental Nina-Arika-ish ‘it doesn’t have to be like this, let’s just be friends again’ type scenario). But I may be wrong.Anyways, returning to the dorms Shito sees that the things in his room are a little messed up. No doubt done by good ol’Chika. Becoming mad Shito storms out of his room and runs into Chika who wants to play a game of cards. Shito tells him to buzz off and then Shito runs away. Chika asks Michiru to play with him (I was pleased :3) but before that can happen Chika’s dad (for serious?) and sister come by for a visit.

After awhile they leave (while Koyomi and Michiru think about how wonderful it would be to have a family like Chika’s). After a disturbing yaoi-esque scene with Shito he goes and angst’s in the graveyard. Chika joins him and the two almost get into a fight before Michiru interrupts. They then go out for dinner. When they return Michiru is bringing Shito his laundry but because he is not there she simply goes in to put it down. However, she sputs a very pretty comb and becomes curious.

Anywho after finding a zombie with a large bounty on it the trio goes searching. But when Michiru gives Shito his comb back he becomes angry and makes her cry. Thus invoking the wrath of Chika (Huzzah!). The two get in a fist fight and then Shito ditches them. However, the creepy chainsaw doctor returns (didn’t mention him, did I?) and gets Shito with his Chain saw.

This episode was fairly enjoyable. Not as exciting as the last (Where is our favorite loli and her new toy anyways?) but still pretty awesome. Chika was so cute in this episode. Especially when he was telling Shito to call him Chika and Michiru, Michiru. As you might already be able to tell, I’m a huge MichiruXChika fan. So when Shito made her cry and Chika stepped in to defend her, it literally made me swoon. I’m sorry if that makes me sound to much like a girl but I really love scenes like that. But a shounen series like this will never have a canonical romance like Chika x Michiru. So I’m out of luck and scenes like that are my fix.

Episode nine was not as interesting as episode eight but it was alright for me in terms of Chika x Michiru (am I being too biased by rating episodes on enjoyability through that  alone? I think I am…). We’re also introduced to a new character on a motorcycle. That’s how you know he’s awesome. Anyways Koyomi was totally cute when she was near him (I’ve actually forgotten his name alread).


  • Totali

    September 2, 2007

    The bike guy’s name is Sotetsu if you really wanted to know. It’s not like you really have to remember him, considering that he will be disappearing as soon as he has been introduced. xD

    I take screenshots within my video player, and resize them using photoshop. There are a lot of other easy ways to go about it, but I couldn’t really go into it. Just look around, and you’ll surely find a good way to do it according to your style. :S

  • Fang-tan

    September 3, 2007

    From what I’ve heard, ZL will only be 12-13 episodes. So I really belive that we’ll only see him a little bit like you said. After Shito’s arc is done we’ll probably be brought back to Shiba. But I’m sure there will be another season so I’m not to worried.

  • FanFic Addict

    March 14, 2009
  • MichiruxChika Fan

    July 27, 2009

    i-i agreed they are s-so Kawaii(cute) together!!!!!
    -looks down blushing at the thought-

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