Night Wizard #6

Ojou-sama Anzelotte.

I’m undependable. That’s why I don’t blog episodes. But this was just too rich.

First off, Nightmare and Anzelotte are sooooooo cute together. I don’t mean like how Renji and Elis are cute (You’re killing me here. I got more with Michiru and Chika! God damn you!) but cute together because they’re both badass twisted and plotting.

The part where Nightmare was going “Dream…Dream…” was so cheesy I laughed out so loud I nearly woke up everyone in my house.  But this show is very cheesy isn’t it? Lots of it is and I think that’s why I enjoy it. Same with Zombie-Loan (seond refrence in one post…you just know something is wrong with that) it’s so simple and plain that it must be enjoyed.

 Does anybody know the bad loli’s name? I totally forgot it (if mentioned; I might not have been paying attention). But she seems really awesome. Also, the bad-guy-of-the-week was really cute this time. But I felt really bad for her; she got whipped by a loli and a little boy with a big sword and then the creepy Kirihito tortures her mind or something (I didn’t understand that last part but I felt sooooo bad for her).

Loli Elis ;3;

This is obviously their first time loli hunting.

I was laughing a lot through this episode. It’s not that it was brilliant writing (In my Night Wizard?) or anything new but Elis’s dream world was very cute. Especially when Akari, Kureha and Renji fell through the pastry only to have Nightmare appear again below them after his long jump upwards. It was only really funny because it was so out of place to see solemn Akari falling. It was also cute when Akari was trying to keep her balance when Kureha was testing out the ‘spring roll’ and then tasting the large snacks and saying it was tasty. Akari can be so cute~

You know what is really sad? I was reminded of that old Sailor Moon game for Sega Genesis and like the third level where there are large cakes and walls of chocolates everywhere.

Kirihito is still annoying. I hate him a lot. I mean if he was a romantic rival for Renji with Elis then I’d enjoy him or something. Because he’d inspire Renji to claim his Elis! <3

If that part didn’t make you sad then you’re a very evil person!

Because Anzelotte is full of awesome.

 But then, the defining moment of this whole episode revealed itself… loli Elis with little boy Renji~ Easily the greatest thing ever.

(I’ll blog episode seven when it’s subbed.)

I’d make a lolicon joke but I’m lost in the cute moment.




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