Loli Salad’s Bi-Monthly Music Feature: Volume #01

I listen to a lot of music. All different kinds. I like to talk about it here, obviously. Sometimes though there are some albums that I love that I can’t really talk about in the way traditional to this site. So, I’ve returned with a new way of doing this. At the end of every second month, I’m going to just talk a little bit about a few random albums. They may be new or they might be old or they may not even be doujin related at all.


The first doujin album I ever had to import. Luckily, carried it. Unfortunately, it was still around $25 which is about the same as their flat shipping rate so it came out to around $50 for this one album. Being the cheapskate that I am, I just couldn’t afford that . Eventually when I couldn’t live without this any longer I gave in and split the order with a bunch of other people which saved me a little bit of money (it was probably $35-$40 then).

I’m not actually sure what this is a soundtrack of, exactly. I stumbled on it while looking up comiket stuff and fell in love with it. I listened to the crossfade for weeks and weeks and weeks.

What appealed to me was, at first, dark ambient (奇譚響-08 forecast). I like the genre but I’ve found it hard to find something that sounds creepy (like this) and not ridiculous. I’m not usually a fan of noise (奇譚響-07 over frequency) and industrial but I love everything about this album. The best track, though, is 奇譚響-09 (急: lunar eclipse) with a sharp change of tempo and ominous counting that make it the most exciting track on an otherwise mostly ominous sound album.

Geographic – Visibility

Visibility is a wonderful album mixing chillout, lounge, ambient and jazz. It is one of the most fantastic albums I have ever heard. I’m not sure how much weight a claim like that has coming from me, but take my word that it is immensely pleasurable.

The album features Annabel, Ken Ito (NAGI of FELT), and two members of XL Project. I love pretty much every track on here (with the expect of Petri which is still a nice track). Specifically though… Income by Takashi Nohara isn’t even a minute long but it’s still such a pretty track. I wish it were longer, of course. Annabel’s track, Nostalgia, is another great and probably one of my all time favourites from her (I do love me some Annabel though)Nohara’s other track, Coral, reminds me 日記帳を閉じる日 from 24EFFECTS and while that makes it endearing, I never hear it for anything other than that. A Riddle of induction by Ryo Takahashi isn’t as good as track three but still really good. Foumi by Rintaro Iwashita is where that ambient mention comes in. Originally expected more like this but was surprised by the nice mixture I got here. The best track though…

I’ve mentioned this album before it was released and I said that Rain by Ken Ito amazed me. I’m not as awestruck any more but I still love it to pieces. The piano build up gives the climax of the song so much emotion and feeling that never ceases to impress me. No wonder FELT is praised so much.

You can actually purchase this album on North America iTunes with (I believe) the rest of Geographic’s discography and I highly recommend it.

Babbe – Fragments of Gensokyo

Lately when it comes to Touhou music I’ve been more interested in arrangers who, let’s say, might not release their stuff at Comiket. Smaller scale stuff. Like Ecriss! I love Ecriss. I also love Babbe.

So, right now I’m listening to this album. Which you can get on Bandcamp. For free, I guess. I paid a few dollars because I enjoy showing my appreciation sometimes.

Blühende Nacht is my favourite track because I’ve only just discovered Flowering Night can be arranged decently. There are a few tracks with vocals (split between two different vocalists) but this is the only one that stood out. I prefer the tracks without vocals, Blühende Nacht excluded. While I don’t mind electro house I can’t think of anything that stands out in my mind that I really like from another album. It’s just the dance feel this album has and has so well done that has me enamored with it.


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