Round Robin: Otaku and Stereotypes

Ah yes, this topic. You just had to see this coming, right? Well where do I start? There is such a broad, broad area to go with. But this is about Otaku’s and stereotypes. Well. That should narrow it down.

Others working on this one are Mei, Elezend, Saimaisama and Hoshi. (So far that’s all)

I hear Otaku and I think of two types of people; NEET-ish extremists and pseudo-Otaku’s. Pseudo-Otaku’s are what I like to call surface-dwellers (Japanophile, weeaboo, etc). You know them. Everyone know them. They flaunt their love of anime so much it hurts. It makes you ashamed to be an anime fan. They glomp, rave about being random and use random Japanese they ‘know’ even though they mostly watch dubs (the next stage for them is hating the hell out of dubs). At conventions there are lots of surface-dwellers but there are also pre-Neet’s like myself there. It feels good to be around others who, by your standards, are normal. You just have to watch out for the weirdos.

But the NEET types…you really do know them, they’re seriously serious hardcore. Seriously. They’re way up there on the creepy list. Hikki’s and the such too. I think it’s impossible for North America/Europian/wherever else to be like NEET’s from Japan. They’re really truly hard to be. They’re truly Otaku and nobody but the extreme deserve to call themselves otherwise.

Lots of anime and manga romanticize Otaku-ism. But it’s a very costly thing that should be taken seriously. Some people go so far with hentai and the such that it becomes such a risk that could get them pulled to jail. Pedos, etc etc.

I’m not going to lie, I haven’t seen Welcome to N.H.K. or Genshiken so I can’t say much on it. But I know Lucky*Star is bad for it’s portrayal of Otaku-ism. But I don’t think it was realistic; it seems strange but can’t you just see a cosplay maid getting attacked after her shift? When you loose your mind to anime then who knows what happens to you? You waste money, time and days on it.

I think MAL proves how much time we waste on anime. The fact that it shows how much you’ve watched/read in days is kinda… kinda proves a part.

I don’t know much about the Akihabara stabbing but I think it’s a load of crap. I don’t think these or the shootings in America are directly because of anime (or in the case of america) video games.

That would be like saying, if you were in high school and your played a eroge that you’d suddenly have a harem of girls love you and you’d proceed to have unsafe, illegal sex at every possible moment. Let’s blame unplanned teen pregnancies on eroge games now!!


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