12 Days of Anime: #1 – Suicide Bread

Jinrui was Suitai Shimashita had so many great moments that this was really hard to chose just one. Since Y was my favourite (Sawashiro and all), I wanted to pick a scene with her. Unfortunately, while I was always happy to see her, none of her scenes were close to being my favourites. The surprise sound effect at the end of episode three was great when it happened and the following episode was good but not one that I look back on the series and think that it was the best. Though, during the last episode or so when she and Watashi were spying on their classmates was a runner up for my choice. I absolutely loved yandere Curly (more crazy Hisako Kanemoto, please), the one classmate’s hair obsession and the other two girls with the unpleasant but hilarious personalities they had carefully hid. And, of course, Time Paradog deserves an honourable mention.

I was really tempted to go with the scene of Assistant shooting the chickens to Ave Maria followed by Mai Nakahara’s “I can not fly” but instead I went with the bread tour guide bread. A kind of obvious choice, I guess. Too obvious? Maybe given just how many singular scenes that made an entire episode worth it. The first episode was only OK until this scene happened and when it did, I was hooked. The over the top death of the bread followed by Watashi’s deadpan reaction was absolutely perfect.

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  • reiseng

    December 16, 2012

    Wah, this was such a great scene. I had totally forgotten about it. Thanks for reminding me!

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