12 Days of Anime: #2 – Tiro Finale

Another was an OK show that is notable for having Akazawa. It was a pretty ridiculous show but really entertaining once you got past the first two episodes. Even if it was only because there was so much to complain about. Watching a show to complain about it is surprisingly fun, as I’m sure some of you know.

This scene stands out because the show had been so boring until this happen. I wasn’t going to keep watching until I saw ten billion gifs of Sakuragi biting it. And bite it she did. In a kind of silly way. Though I’ll admit her little spasms indicating she was still kind of alive after being impaled really made me cringe. Not the most ridiculous death in the show but the one that got my attention. I mean really. Who wasn’t still watching this after episode three just to see how they were going to die?

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  • Shinmaru

    December 17, 2012

    Maybe not the funniest moment of the year, but definitely in the top five. I am laughing just looking at these screenshots!

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