C83 Previews

Yuuhei Satellite – 濡れた髪に触れられた時

Yuuhei Satellite is my favourite Touhou arrange group, as I’m sure I’ve said before. Not surprising perhaps since the main members that make up the group all are regular Exit Trance SATB contributers? (Or maybe that’s why I can tolerate SATB so much?) Anyways, sounds like a lot of variety. I really like the Princess Inada track because it’s pretty unusual from what they usually do.

Lost Garden – Luxurious Cattail

Lost Garden again. This time with a Little Busters arrange album. Really starting to like them. Liking them enough to wait for a Little Busters arrange album anyways.

 Toho Warfare:BLACK ONYX and RED BERYL

Another IOSYS split release but one with gorgeous covers (though the REDALiCE ones had nice covers too). I wasn’t really interested because it seemed like they would be metal and not really of any importance to me but then I heard the crossfades (available on the site) and now this is one the releases I’m most anticipating.

Melodic Taste – Anime Song Orchestra III

Melodic Taste’s 3rd orchestral offering, obviously. When I saw the (adorable) cover, I assumed the Jinrui song would be Real World because that is the easy choice? I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was the ED which I absolutely love. Have never been big on the vocals included in this series (luckily there are the two seperate versions) but the arranges themselves have never been that disappointing so I’ll be waiting for this one. (crossfade)

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