12 Days of Anime: #4 – Pikapika Pikarin

I, once again, regret not watching Precure as it aired. Smile Precure specifically because a) I love the character designs and characters in it, b) Marina Inoue and c) I like NaoRei like you wouldn’t believe. I’m going to try and watch Doki Doki Precure this time but I’m really not looking forward to it because their actual Precure designs are so boring.

One day I’ll watch the entirety of Smile Precure though. I swear. I did watch a few episodes of Smile Precure here and there whenever I saw stuff from an episode that caught my eye. jan-ken-pon part of Peace’s transformation. I mean honestly who didn’t try and beat her? I never did. Maybe if I had watched the whole seires I would have had a better chance…


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