Things To Look Forward to in 2013

2013 is here! That is both exciting and scary. We’ve looked at stuff from the past year, so let’s look forward. At least this stuff is just a stone’s throw away now.

Chihayafuru S2

This is an obvious, given how much I’ve gushed over the year about it. The addition of two new characters adds a new dynamic to get excited about too. Of course, I could worry they’ll screw things up but I’m sure they won’t. Chihayafuru was a great show though. Seriously. So excited.

Blood Lad

I was disappointed this wasn’t released in 2012 as it seemed it would originally. Oh well, I guess. Even more disappointing that it isn’t airing in the winter season either. Still, I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait. Even though I’ve read what’s included, Yen Pres also released the first two volumes as an omnibus and if you haven’t read it, you really should.

Rozen Maiden

I already posted about how excited I am so I’ll just remind you all that I am really, really excited. Hopefully it doesn’t turn out to be garbage. I’m sure it won’t. I thought the Black Rock Shooter anime might turn out good too, once.

Kagerou Project Anime

There haven’t been much details revealed about this other than it will happen one day. So I assume it will happen near the end of the year. Here’s hoping, anyways.

Tales of Xillia

I swear, the only reason I bought a Ps3 was for ToX’s release in 2013. It’s still a long time away so I could have waited because, honestly, there aren’t that many games that interest me on the PS3. I did play Tales of Graces and really like it though. I absolutely adore Sophie. Love love love her to pieces. So, there’s that. I’m disappointed, of course, that I won’t get to hear delicious Sawashiro as Milla though.

Sailor Moon

I’m excited because of the MomoClo, for one. That should be a given though. Another part is excited because when I was a wee little girl I loved Sailor Moon. As most little girls around that time did, I assume. It was something I grew out of though. Unlike, say, Pokemon which I still enjoy to this day or Cardcaptor Sakura which I watched the original of last year and loved to pieces. Getting to experience this again, for real is going to be great I think.


This one is bittersweet. Probably, most of you don’t care about this. The next volume comes out in April and the last volume comes out in September. It’s been a fun four years with my favourite light novel. I’m going to miss it. (Maybe I should start catching up on Spice and Wolf though…)

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  • Gravy

    February 13, 2013

    These are all fantastic I am SO syched for a kagerou project anime! I’ve also been reading Kieli since the promo they had in Yen+ when it was still published and I will be sad to end. I really need to catch up on it >.>
    It’s going to be a good year though!

  • Mika

    February 16, 2013

    I’m REALLY gonna miss Kieli too. I’ve been avoiding vol. 7, probably gonna read the last three together. Man, it’s my absolute favorite novel, but I’m so looking forward to it, too.

    But yeah, it’s gonna be a good year, haha

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