12 Days of Anime: #7 – Marble Phantasm Your Wallet


Carnival Phantasm aired last year and I miss it so. There is a special episode coming out though I think. Or is it already out? Well the point is there is one more episode I haven’t seen.

One of the best things about Carnival Phantasm was the Phantasmoon figures that came from the series. Well, it was good for me who came to love Arcueid past Tsukihime’s prime and the merch is harder to get. (Maybe one day I’ll get the Alter Arc fig)

The figma came out in May and a PVC by SEGA came out in September. There are two nendoroid petites coming out in February (of course, I have just those two from that set ordered) but those are unrelated to CP and are just a part of a petite nendoroid set to celbrate TYPE-MOON’s 10th anniversary. Interestingly enough, the Phantasmoon petite is not the same as her Carnival Phantasm design but instead based off her original design and the petite itself similar to Orchid-Seed’s Phantasmoon figure from 2007 (which I also happened to acquire this year).


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